How You Can Become More Important to God

Become More Important to God

Happy new day, may the peace of Almighty God never depart from you. It shall well with those who believe. Today i want to share with you how to become more important to God as the spirit has lead me to write.

This week i want you to take a note of this. Become important to God.

Become More Important to God

We are naturally important to God and he love us so much that is why he created us, but we should also appreciate him and be more closer to God. i have always speak related to this same title, because it for your own good. You know how much you cherish something’s that is important to you. What is the word important, this word means something that great value to you and wouldn’t let it go off you hand. How many of you can build a big car and set fire on it? How many of you can buy a brand new car and set fire on it? You can’t because you still need the house to cover your night chart. You need the car for fast movement etc. This we call become important as a human to the creator. If i should ask a simple question, how many of you keeps stool in our home? hmm. You don’t want to keep stool in your home or plat but drop them at toilet and flush them away, reason is because it a waste and useless to you. This is example of what will happen to you when decide to useless to God, you will be flush away.

That is why becoming important to God is very necessary in other to acquire the promise blessing of God. Now how do you become important to God.

How You Can Become More Important to God By Doing His Wish

When God created the world and created man, then give human dominion I’m much sure this alone worth forever thanks giving to him. Below i will be listing how you can add a value to your life in view of God.

Always praise God

In no mater what the condition is, never reduce you thanks giving to God, he goodness should never depart of your mouth and never stay a day without sing a new song to him compose by yourself. This will add up his spirit in your life, because at the time you will composing this song, your mind will be set to the Glory of him. This has always be my lifestyle even before i knew myself, i think it the blessing of God.

Do Something Huge God That You Will See Everyday

How important God is to you at first? If God is important to you that you too s important to God. In you home give a rule that everyone must come together and pray every morning. Make an instrument room in your home where everyone comes and praise God every morning or evening by singing to the Glory of God. Always do good to people a certain day every week for the sake of God, you can cook for people or even spend 10% of your salary in doing something Good for needy people every certain day in a week. This will get your mind-set that you are not doing it for the people but for God. And with this God will not want any thing happen to you, your business nor any thing that will make you sad because you still have mire to do for his people.

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."


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Build a house for God

Are you asking how? why can’t you if i should also ask? When i said build a house for God, i don’t say go and build church. Always contribute the little you can to the development of God things, contribute to help extend the word of God, you can even choose to change a bad chair or something in church in order to erase distraction of the word of God. Tell me if a child of yours is doing this things, can you let harm before him? how much more is God who is Holy.

Preach the word of God

Do you think it only pastor that need to preach? no even you, you can extend the word of God and be reward great for any new should you can help convert to righteous. In your work, share the world of God. To your neighbors share the word of God, as you help them by the power of God to stop their evil and embrace righteous, you also grow and important you become to the kingdom of God.

Take the worst for the sake of God

Don’t be afraid when you speak the right words. Stand against oppression and let justice take place in no mater the condition or effect it may cause you. Stand for truth and save the oppress from the hands of oppressors. Say the truth even if it will hurt you.

Teach others as i am teaching you now

You will never be saved saving your own self. Save others also before your total safety is can be guarantee. Let others know what work for you, help them realise that Christ is the way. And let them know how to become important to God in their life to avoid losing the blessing and promises of God.

Glory be to God. don’t just be a reader but a doer.
You can help share this to your family and friends so they too can know what you have known now. And by doing this i am sure you are adding value to your life and bad will eve before you in Jesus. Amen.

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