Best Hair Dryer Machines and Their Prices in Nigeria Including Where to Buy

Something most of us the women doesn’t joke with is our hair. Some of us value our hair and willing to do the best to get the best hair. who then need hair dyer the more? women of course! and it something that every woman should consider having at their homes for the case of urgent use. You wouldn’t want to run out to the saloon all the time you need the service of dryer. There are many cases like this that is why i think you should have it at home.

Best Hair Dryer Machines and Their Prices in Nigeria Including Where to Buy

standing hair dryer

One of the challenges some women have is washing their hair when bathing or when it due for it all because they don’t have the time to go to the nearest saloon. But do you know that there is a portable hand dryer that can do that for you at home? Oh don’t tell me you haven’t heard it. Nowadays washing hair has turn some of we the women act because of these amazing portable hand dryers. If you don’t have one, then consider picking your choice from the below list. The good thing is that portable hand hair dryers are cheap and consider affordable.

This list is not only for end users, but for those who wanted to start a saloon business. You can pick any of the best dryer you think it fits for what you intend to use it for. The truth about it is that they are the best.

On this article we want to show you the best 10 hair dryers in Nigeria, their prices and where to buy in Nigeria. If this is what you are in search for then seat tight as we brings you list of the best dryers you should consider going for.


Kinds of hair dry machines in Nigeria

There is approximately 3 kinds of hair drying machine at of the time of writing this post and all of this machine work perfectly well in drying hair. Below are types of hair dryers in Nigeria


standing hair dryer machine

standing hair dryer


This is the kind of dryer that stays on the ground, It usually have long standing legs to the ground. This has been the major drying machine from beginning. This is mostly been used by saloons. It faster, durable and some people considered it very hot to stay, it mostly use after relaxing of hair, fixing rollers on hair e.t.c.

portable hand hair dryer machine

hair drying using hand dryer

This is the most comfortable hair drying that individuals can have in their homes for cases of drying hair faster. This kind of dryer usually have hand that you can hold and point straight to your hair. It is used when you wash you hair and some other cases such as relaxing etc.

Hanging hair dryer machine

hanging hair dryer

This is the kind of hair dryer that can be hang on the wall of a saloon or your home, You just need to go and put it on then seat under it when you need to dry your hair. It considered very easy to use and on of the most used dryer at saloon. You can also use this dryer at home.

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Best Hair Dyers in Nigeria

Equator Standing Dryer

Equator Standing Dryer

Photo of Equator Standing Dryer – by jumia

According to our research we find this hair dryer top be one of the most used hair dryer in Nigeria and as well considered as the best hair dryer currently. It been used by many saloon in Nigeria and it can be purchase from any electronic shop all around the country. There is ever possible chance of buying it online on Jumia website or Konga website.

This hair dryer has the best feature every saloon or individual who care for a standing hair dryer should go for.

Key Features
  • 2 Speed Control,
  •  Adjustable Heat Setting,
  •  Light Weight,
  •  Low Noise,
  •  Nozzle Attachment
  •  Strong Air Flow

Price of standing Hair Dryer in Nigeria

The price of the Equator Standing Dryer is ranging from  35,000 to  44,000. This is the current prices we find on Jumia website. Their price maybe either cheaper or more costly from other physical electronic shops.

Where to buy Equator Standing Dryer in Nigeria

As we stated before now, there are many places to buy. You can either choose to buy from your local shops around or order it online.

  • To buy from your local shops, visit any electronic warehouse or retailer to order it.
  • To buy online, visit Konga Here or Jumia Here

Benefits of Standing Hair Dryer.

The eqautor proficient standing dryer includes a vigorous 850 watt engine for expanded power yield. it is intended for the particular reasons for styling your hair by warming it delicately without harm or coursing any unwanted thing. Since it’s fast working, you just have to stay for a little duration of time and it’s ok.

The concentration nozzle coordinates the dense wind current precisely where you require it, and controls frizzing.

It dries the hair in no time flat instead of wasting hours seating on a dryer. They are utilized it to dry the hair as well as styling helps too.

This dryer works with electricity. It can either be used by big generator or direct Nepa Light.

Hand Hair Dryers in Nigeria

Hand dryers are now the most used dry in Nigeria as we speak. It become every woman’s bathroom tool. Hand dryer let you dry your hair by yourself just after washing. You don’t have to run to the saloon to dry your hair anytime water touches your hair and you don’t have to be afraid of washing your hair at the right time just because you don’t want to go for saloon drying. Getting hand dryer will be of many use to you as it will enable you to do the job right at your bathroom. The good thing with portable hand dryer is that it’s easy to use and can be done without needing the help of someone. Below is the list of best portable hand hair dryer in Nigeria.

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Binatone Hair Dryer HD-1710

Binatone Hair Dryer HD-1710

Key Features
  • Power 1400-1600W
  • Silent Motor
  • 2 Speed Settings
  • Concentrator
  • Cool Shot Button
  • Hanging Loop

According to the discription find on these portable hand hair dryer on jumia says: This compact-stylish hair dryer is one luxury for your bathrooms. Let your friends envy you for a salon-styled look on a daily routine with this amazing hair-dryer that comes with 2-speed setting and cool shot button, allowing you to style your hair for that glamorous look. Designed and engineered with a silent motor and concentrator outlet, this gadget will just hang perfectly in your bathroom taking a minimal space. Binatone is committed to bringing you innovative, affordable and well-designed products that add value to your life.

Price: ₦ 4,410

Where to buy Binatone in Nigeria?: You can buy from local electronic shops around you or order this dryer online from Konga or jumia

From our research we find that people are very comfortable with this dryer. It comes the first on the hand hair drying list not because it’s the best but because it’s one of the most used and ordered dryer. However from the review, those that have ordered this dryer seems to be enjoying it.

Nova Hand Hair Dryer For Ladies

Nova Hand Hair Dryer For Ladies

Key Features

  • Authentic Product
  • Long Lasting
  • Durable
  • Handy
  • Efficient

Voltage: 1000w It comes with air outlet and air inlet Two switch nobs for regulating it. Best experience and easy to use.

1000 watts Nova Hair Dryer

This dryer is foldable, easy to use and provides safe operation.Designed for daily use,

This dryer has an ergonomic design that will easily fit into your hand, and it looks good too. Nova Hair Dryer is perfect for those looking for a hair dryer that allows you to dry your hair easily and efficiently. You can use it daily to ensure that your hair looks shiny and feels smooth.. It comes with one nozzle and it also conditions your hair while drying it.

Care and Maintenance

An essential part of any woman’s grooming kit, a hair dryer is one product that plays a very important role in making one look good. Thus you need to care for this product to ensure it lasts a long time. When it comes to the care and maintenance of this product, there are certain things to keep in mind to ensure that you get the best out of this device. Keep it clean at all times to ensure that no dust accumulates. Store it in a box or a pouch while travelling It is also important to keep this product away from any water sources.

Price: ₦2,000

Where to buy Binatone in Nigeria?: You can buy from local electronic shops around you or order this dryer online from Konga Here

Ceriotti Heavy Duty Hair Dryer

Ceriotti Heavy Duty Hair Dryer

This is another lovely hand hair dryer with good feature. This dryer comes with comb for your hair and more.

Product Description
  • Ceriotti Heavy Duty Hair Dryer
  • Professional hair dryer
  • Easy to handle
  • Power of over 1700 W
  • 4 – temperature
  • The dryer is handy durable, produces low noise but strong wind.
  • This Ceriotti Heavy Duty Hair Dryer is extremely easy to handle and with high air pressure.
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Ever wanted to own a personal hand hair dryer? Here is a great deal for you with this Ceriotti Hair Dryer. All you have to do is turn this dryer on to pump up the volume, pour on the shine, and create salon styles at home.

Price: ₦6,000

Where to buy Binatone in Nigeria?: You can buy from local electronic shops around you or order this dryer online from Konga Here

Hanging Hair Dryer in Nigeria

Things has come more easy. This drying is a hanging dryer where you just go and seat under it anytime you wish to dry your hair. Below is the list of best hanging dryer in Nigeria. Note that hanging dryer machine are the most expensive dryer kind in Nigeria and all over the world and not commonly find.

Generic Wave Hanging Dair Dryer

hanging hair dryer

This is consider the best hanging dryer machiine product in Nigeria.

Key Features of Generic Wave Hanging Hair Dryer

  • Great Value For Money
  • Superior Quality
  • Effective & Reliable

This hair dryer can be find in some physical electronic super market or try finding it online. Early on this machiine was on jumia however have been bought and currently now availble on any of the two popular online shops, jumia and konga.

Price: ₦160,000 +

This is the list if the best hair dryer machines in Nigeria. As you can see on the post we have included their prices, and where you can buy any of your choice hair dryer machine in Nigeria. Before you go, recently we completed and launched article of best hair creams in Nigeria here, if you have never read it the make sure you read it to know the best hair cream you use for your hair.

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