Top 5 Best Hair Cream in Nigeria, Their Prices and Where to Buy

Hair Wonder

Welcome to informationhood if this is your first of visiting this website. On this article we want to talk about the best hair cream in Nigeria and Ghana. There are so many reasons why you may be looking for the best hair cream and what ever you intentions are, we are going to cover it on this post. So many of us wants our hair to be dark, shinning and long, while some of us wants a soft hair, whatever it’s, a good hair cream posses all of the seek for. This article is for both ladies, women and men so if you are in Nigeria or Ghana and looking for a better hair cream, this post will do a lot good on your purchase research.

Best Hair Cream in Nigeria Their Prices and Where to Buy

Hair Wonder inside look and color - Hair Cream


Hair Growth Creams

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55% of us are in need of hair growth creams. The reason is because we want a shinning hair YES! we want soft and beautiful hair YES! but it can’t be archived if there is not hair in there, so we need to grow our hair first before the discussion of making it beautiful comes in mind. First on this article let’s see list of best hair growth cream in Nigeria and where to buy including the current price.

Hair Wonder

Hair Wonder

Are you looking for a means to grow your hair faster and you are comfortable using cream? This is one of the best hair growth cream in the market, the lovely thing about this cream is that it’s very much affordable. and it can be access in most shops in Nigeria. Some online shop such as jumia and konga has this cream available for purchase. The cream contain Plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants. It also have some Organic ingredients like coconut oil, castor Oil, Olive Oil et.c.

From our research we can tell that this is one of the best hair growth cream out there in Nigeria without bad side infect and considered suitable for all types of hairs. According to informationhood findings, we discover that jumia is selling the El-glittas Hair Wonder Oil, Cream With Shampoo Combo-(3Pcs) for the price of ₦ 1,699. We as well gathered that this same cream has been sold over 2,000 pcs with over 739 reviews.


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Andrea Hair Growth Essence Oil With Hair Wonder Cream

andrea hair growth

One choice may not be much ok for some of us, reasons might be that you have tested some and didn’t considered them the best.On this list is another hair growth cream named Andrea hair growth essence oil with hair wonder cream. This is another great choice to as well consider when looking for the best hair growth cream to buy. This product is made of natural roots and other organic materials and as well it help improve blood circulation that prevent baldness.

This cream can be seen in most cosmetic shops in Nigeria. On our research we find it on sale on jumia website with a price tag of ₦ 1,300.

Hair Now Now Hair Growth Serum

hair now now growth serum

This cream is considered among the best hair growth cream in Nigeria and all over Africa countries. This product has proven to be the largest and longest funtioning hair growth cream over the years of existence and has lot of help to human hair. In addition Hair Now Now Hair Growth Serum also terminate breakages and repairs damaged hair lines for longer, softer and faster hair growth.

Price: ₦ 7,100


I’m pretty sure you now know the best hair growth cream to go for in Nigeria. The above list are the three hair growth cream product we considered the best. Some of these products have been tested and trusted and you still have your right to test each of them to find the one suitable for your hair.

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Before i close this chapter i would want to advice everyone on this page on the fact why they may not have long hair even on a long run. The truth of it all is that, some chemical which we use for our hair is the reason why our hair have refused to grow and get worst.

Too much relaxing of hair is one of the major course your hair will find it difficult to grow long, it affect both male and female who intend to archive long hair, i’m telling you today that relaxers are cool to make your hair look good in appearance same time dangerous to hair growth cell.

Another common course why some people hair doesn’t grow is due over uses of dye. Dying your hair all the time will prompt your hair to start cutting when you pull in comb. If you which to maintain long hair then you must reduce or even avoid the use of dye on your hair, there are many hair cream in the market that can make your hair dark, soft and shinning. You may as well avoid over drying of your hair

 Best Hair Shinning and Darkening Cream in Nigeria

Another most search tearms when it comes to hair, is how to make hair dark and shinning. Yes everyone of us wants a shinning and dark hair, it makes us more beautiful on our kinds especially we the ladies. The common way to archive dark and shinning hair is to use the best cream that focus on darkening hair and making it shine. In order to guide you through the best to go for,  i’m going to provide you with list of best hair darkening and shinning cream in Nigeria.

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Morgan Hair Darkening Cream

Morgan Hair Darkening - Hair Cream

This cream work well in darkening your hair and making it look shinning as well. Morgan’s Hair Darkening Cream is a significantly lighter method than the Pomade and it’s more suited to better, straighter hair. The slow obscuring process is the same as the Pomade however it additionally renews dry and fragile hair while keeping it styled.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Clinically tested
  • Premium Quality

This cream is available for sale on konga with price tag of  ₦2,200

Best Hair Softening Cream

There are so many hair softening cream in the market and almost all of them works very well. Some of the above mentioned hair growth cream as well work very well in softening hair, however if you want a cream specifically made for softening hair then i have one to recommend for you. What i don’t know is if it can be find in Nigeria because i haven’t seen it since i have been visiting some cosmetic shops or maybe because i haven’t request for it. You can check for around you or order it online.

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Softening Treatment 250ml

Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Softening Treatment 250ml - Hair CreamRedken All Soft Heavy Cream Hair Softening Treatment is a rich moisturising cream that intensely softens the driest of hair. Leaves hair feeling extremely soft, conditioned and very touchable. Redken’s exclusive Interbond Conditioning System and Silk-Luxe Complex targets dry/brittle hair for intense, inside-out softness, sleekness and brilliant shine.

In a case you can’t find it in local shops in Nigeria, you can check it out on Amazon or let someone over there in U.S get it fo you.

This is all i’m able to cover on this post, hope you enjoyed my list of best hair cream in Nigeria. Let’s hear your opinion regarding these products. Use the comment box below.

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