Best Drug to Treat Malaria Infection in Nigeria

Knowing how you can treat malaria is one of the best idea and search one can impact on. Malaria is one of the most common illness in Africa mostly in Nigeria due to poor hygiene which accumulated dirty water were mosquito’s lay their eggs.

The higher the poor hygiene the higher malaria effect the area. According to our research we find that’ there is no single mosquito in California US due to proper neatness, however water that surrounded urban area have the highest mosquitoes which could be part-2 cause of much mosquitoes in Nigeria.

Treat malaria infection in Nigeria

Drug to Treat Malaria In Nigeria

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There are so many brands of antimalaria drugs but not all of them cure or fight malaria.

Without much time-wasting let’s quickly look at how you can treat malaria In Nigeria.

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What is malaria?

Malaria is a blood disease commonly cause by parasite called  Anopheles mosquito by transmitted malaria  to humans through blood sucking or bite.

According to Wikipedia explanation, The parasites travel to the liver where they mature and reproduce, five species of Plasmodium can infect and be spread by humans. Most deaths are caused by P. falciparum because P. vivax, P. ovale, and P. malaria generally cause a milder form of malaria.

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Symptoms of Malaria

  • shaking chills that can range from moderate to severe
  • high fever
  • profuse sweating
  • headache
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • abdominal pain
  • diarrhea
  • anemia
  • muscle pain
  • convulsions
  • coma
  • bloody stools

Sometimes loose of appetite and constipation may involve that can lead to some other dangerous illnesses.

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 What are the causes of malaria?

Many things can cause malaria but the most commonly cause of malaria which we all know is a female parasite called Anopheles mosquito Plasmodium falciparum common found in Africa.

What Is The Best Drug To Cure Malaria In Nigeria

Are you sick and you looking for the best antimalarial drug to use you are in the right post the best antimalarial drug in Nigeria is called  Artemether and Lumefantrine, you can either call it Artemether or Lumefantrine they are both manufacture in one company in Lagos Nigeria, but each of them works differently in the body Artemether is absorbed quickly with peak concentrations reaching in about 2hrs after dosing while Lumefantrine starts after a lag-time of up to 2hrs, with peak plasma concentration in about 6-8 hours after dosing. Artemether and Lumefantrine combination is a fix dose Artemisinin-based combination Therapy (ACT) combining Artemether, an Artemisinin derivative Lumefantrine,a synthetic antimalaria drug.

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Each uncoated tablet contains  Artemether 20 mg and Lumefantrine 120 mg.

In pregnancy: there are no adequate data from the use of Artemether and Lumefantrine in pregnant women this drug treatment should only be considered if the expected benefit to the mother out weighs the risk to the foetus.

Note: This drug should not be taken by breast-feeding women because it excrete into breast milk and is not advisable to be use in children under age 1 to 5 but it can be used from age 6 and above or has directed by the physician, always keep drugs out of reach of children.

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  1. This drug you mentioned has not solved severe malaria attack as far as I have used it several times.

  2. Solomon Ekene Ugwu

    It is cost
    and one would be required to be taken the drug weekly.
    It happened to me and my I had to stop it by taking other cheaper once.

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