Best Classified Websites in Nigeria to Buy and Sell for Free

Are you in search of a classified websites where one can buy and sell his/her items in Nigeria? If that is your search then we welcome you to this post as that is the major purpose for this post. On this post we want to look at website where users sell and buy items in Nigeria, not just all but the best of them, at same time they must be free.

Best Classified Websites in Nigeria to Buy and Sell for Free

Nigeria has grown wide in the internet and now embrace the help which classified website offer. Many of us stays on the internet day after day looking for amazing and cheap items to buy, some of us don’t even know where to get what we are looking for.

Some other are merchant who is in search for solution to sell their product better and faster. The post will be focusing on best classified websites in Nigeria, but before then what is classified website?. According to quora definition “classified posting web site is a Free Classified Listing Sites is providing subscribers to publish classified ads in different categories for free of charge to find consumers to purchase from, sell to, as well as bargain exchange of services or products”.

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If you are looking for items to buy, or want to sell visit the below listed best classified website in Nigeria. – Classified Website

olx classified website is the top first and best classified website in Nigeria, if you want to sell your items faster or looking for cheap affordable things to buy such as mobile phones, tablet, cloths, cars etc. the best classified website that should come to your mind is olx. This classified website has been for a long time now, according to wikipedia, olx was founded in 2006 in some other countries. In 2011 the website launched Nigeria version of it. has won the heart of many Nigerians and has been one of the most visited classified website in Nigeria, the website was advertise on all Nigeria TV station and as well on lot’s of social medias. To start selling on olx is really easy and it free of charge. All you needed to do is visit and click sign up or register to register your merchant account on the website. Every registered member on the site is free to make a post and receive calls from buyers for free.

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Note that is a classified website and now an eCommerce website, therefore all buyer are advice to meet with the seller before making payment for items. Seller post his/her item for sale and buy contact seller to purchase it. There is no deal with olx owner, the whole deal is within the seller and buyer. Olx.xom only help in bringing the buyer and seller together.

Visit – Classified Website

jiji classified website

This another strong and top leading classified website in Nigeria that brings sellers and buyers together for a fair deal. be it that you want to sell your old item that you no longer use for, you can go on jiji and post for sell and wait for someone who is interested on it to place a call to you. Posting on jiji is free however if you would want to sell faster, jiji required you to pay for their boost and premium plan or top ad plan that will make your ad to stay at the top. Currently jiji is hinting thousands of users daily. This classified website has gain lot of users from social media advertising. For those who are looking to buy items, no need of going to the shop, all you just need is visit and search for what you are in need of, call the seller and arrange to meet with him/her at a safe place.

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To start selling on jiji, you need to register and create your ad. It free posting ads.


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efritin classified website


Efritin was on the TV some months ago, it another easy understanding and well standing classified website in Nigeria, though it stand can’t be compare to olx and jiji, the website is doing good and sellers and buyers can make a huge progress and their transaction. Efritin offer one of the amazing features which some others are lacking which is pay on delivery. It not that they are eCommerce website, what the website does it handle delivery between seller and buyer to maintain safe transaction of seller and buyer.

Efritin is free to use also and free to create ad, all that is required of you is make a nice post with original image that will catch the eyes of buyers, and wait for the calls to start coming in.

Visit – Classified Website

Tolet classified website

Many of you must have come across this classified website. This is one of the unique classified website in Nigeria. The website focus on real estate only. If you are looking for a house to rent, land to buy or house buy, is where you should go now. For landlord and landlady’s who have houses to rent out, land or house to sell, the best place to place your advert for free is, just go to the website and create user account then you can upload your house or land ad and wait for calls to come in your phone. This is the best place real-estate dealers make use of as it focus on one category only.

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Tolet has been on existence for quite sometimes and are well-known in Nigeria. They uses social and vehicles advert to gain more users daily. getting clients on tolet is very easy if your price is unbeatable.

Visit – Classified Website

cheki classified free website__

Cheki is vehicle market place, where car dealers meet with seller and transact a safe business. you can find used, tokunbo and new cars on cheki classified website. Cheki is the top car classified website in Nigeria. If you want to purchase the best car, visit and look for a car that suite your need then contact the seller.

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Note that cheki owner is not the one selling the cars there. Like other classified websites, seller go on cheki to post his/her vehicle ad, and buyers who are in search for vehicle to buy saw it and place at call through to the seller. You will never find another website to buy or sell your car better than cheki. The website has been for long time now and well-recognized in Nigeria.


These are the best classified website were you people can buy and sell for free in Nigeria, if you think we miss any good and popular one on this post, you can add it using the comment box below.

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  2. Thanks for sharing the nice list of classifies sites. It’s really helpful

  3. Thanks for sharing the nice list of classifieds sites. It’s really helpful

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