How to Know a Genuine Seller & a Scammer on,

This article we help you to know a real seller and a scammer on and These two menioned website are classified website that enable people sell their items whether used items or new.

Olx is one of the most popular in Nigeria and jiji is the following, both of them are nice and doing great sponsoring real sellers and fake sellers. buying on olx and jiji is a nice thing but with a great experience. Because there are scammers every where online someone must have to be careful while dealing with online sellers.
The truth is that there are 100% legitimate online sellers and it will surprise you that the place to get some items at a very cheap price is olx or jiji. You will be able to see hundred of items yo are looking for and make a choice.

How to Know a Legitimate Seller & a Scammer on,

You just have to be careful while buying on olx or jiji and make sure you are dealing with the right sellers and not scammers. On this article we will be showing you some tips and help you avoid getting scammed on olx and jiji. With this article you should be able identify true sellers and scammers when you come across their ads and profile. You can to tell when you see a scammer on any of these mentioned e-classified website.

Tips 1. Check that the item photos are having a legit background and not an edited background.

No seller on olx will hire editor or graphic design to design or edit the background of their product before they will post it on olx or jiji. If you see an edited photo of item it likely that the seller downloaded the photo from online and it not the legit photo of the item, these kind of sellers most time turn out to be scammers.

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Tips 2. Check seller other ads.

Checking out the seller other items they have posted before will make you tell if the seller is legit or not. Check for other items posted by the seller that their photo are having the same background or have a legitimate write up.

Tips 3. Check the item description.

Scammers are not friendly with typing or listing many description because they don’t know any thing about the item, in most time scammer will only look for the item description and paste it on the item and then post it. A copy and paste item description will not be writing friendly. it will look like this

product: iphobe
ram: 2gb
model: iphone6
battery capacity: 5hrs

Again scam description will not be long or have proper explanation of the item, this is because scammers don’t like wasting time on one thing and they don’t know what to write about the item. their description will likely be very short e.g “Nigeria used Camry L200, buy and drive home. for more details call Dr Micheal”. Any item that are not having much information about it is likely to be a scam post.

Real seller want to put good amount of description on their item so they can get a buyer faster and also will have much information to write about the item he/she want to sell.

Any seller that ask you to pay advance so he/she can keep the item for you or before you can see the item is a scammer.

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Any seller that tells you he is in abroad or not in where the item and required you to call someone to process some papers before the item can be given to you is a scammer.

Any seller who couldn’t let you come to his house or office direct to access the item is a scammer.

Any seller who post every day of different items such as cars, phones, laptops, air conditional is likely to be a scammer, in other hands he or she maybe a legit Telemarketer.

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