5 Ways to Make Your Baby Learn How to Talk Quick

Hello friend, how are you and your family today? Well on this article we want to quickly show you some tips to make your child talk fast.

Baby Learn How to Talk Quick

The question how to make my baby learn how to talk quick has been a frequent question coming from our readers and today we want to talk about it, if this is still what you have been in search for; then this post is also for you.

How To Make Your Baby Learn How To Talk Quick

To make this process work you need patience and understanding of your child, because children start talking from their 2 months old but you won’t notice or even consider it as a talk, this is when they will be making sounds like D, B, Ah etc. At the when they start pronouncing words you won’t still notice if you don’t understand your baby.

If you are in kind of hurry to make your baby pronounce words at 6 months to a 1 year old then we are sorry to disappoint you because your plan won’t just work neither will this post. You can’t change what God created or even try to cheat nature, a baby must be up to a year plus heading to 2years before he or she can start saying some words.

The reason for this article is to help some children above 1 year that are not still yet saying a word. Not for children under a year, so if you are worried about making your child talk under a year then personally you need a medical checkup to see if your mental reasoning is ok, Lol Just joking.

Let head on to the reason we are here. Below are some tips to make your child talk fast.

1. Always Say A Word Repeatedly To Your Baby Or In Present Of Your Baby

Children are likely to keep words they hear frequently in their memory. You won’t know when they will pronounce those word someday, this is because their ears has always be translating that word to their memory.

Don’t miss too many words for your child, it will be difficult to pronounce one because he or she is hearing them differently and none is hanging. Use repeated words like fine girl, fine boy, daddy, mummy, ball etc.

2. Let Your Baby Hangout With Other Kids

Some parents don’t know the power of allowing their baby to play with other kids, this process will not only make them hear or speak fast but keep them happy and smarter as well.

Some parents over cherish their baby to the extend of getting afraid their baby could sustain injury while playing with other kids, who told you that? Didn’t you play with others kids when you ware small, how many injuries did you sustained? are you not still alive today, just be sure the environment is safe, that all?.

Children understand themselves better than they do understand adults, your baby will feel more comfortable when with other kids than when with you the mum or dad, in fact the only time baby is comfortable with his or her parents is when they are hungry or want to sleep or ill. It’s a good idea to let your baby be around other children. If he or she is your first child then you can at least take him/her to visit your sister or brother that has children to play. (Just a suggestion)


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3. Put Your Baby In School Early

This days Daycare schools really improve performance of children a lot and a child talk fast, earlier we discuss the power of letting your baby be around other children, and daycare schools is one of the best way to archive the success. Aside that, there are lots of benefit to this such as making the child become more brilliant, bold the child public appearance and communication strength, getting familiar with understanding or recognizing new faces etc.

There are thousands of Daycare schools in Nigeria, what you need to do is, find a nice neat and trustful one around you that you can afford the fee and kick the bull my friend, this will also be beneficial to the mother, as she will have enough time to take care of other things at home or office.

4. Buy Kids Learning Toy for Your Baby

There are tools which the Chinese has introduced to improve our kids performance basically to make our kids talk fast, one of the best which has been loved is the kids learning ipad. This ipad is same shape with real ipad but unfortunately it not a real ipad, it’s made for the purpose of kids learning alone, it doesn’t have screen or light and it comfortable for children above 1year. The price is affordable as well, you can get it on konga for just N3200 Naira or less. You can watch video performance of the kids learning ipad here on youtube.

There are some others that have screen and perform just like a real ipad and uses android version but it quite expensive. This is recommendable for baby above 3years.

5. Prayer

How could you forget God the giver of the child? One of the major word that first comes out of the mouth of children from good Christian family is “Amen“, this is to tell you how powerful God is and how enjoyable our children love God activities. God is the one who gave you a child at the first place, so you must blend the child in the ways of God. Aside making your baby talk fast, it will be honour to God when you let your child in his way and also be of great good to you and the child when God enlarge his/her wisdom.

This is the little tips we have for you that could improve your kids speaking performance, thank you for coming here. Before you leave we have other fantastic topics that will interest you below, check out the related post below and learn more everyday. You can as well share this post with your friends and family on whatsapp, facebook, twitter and other social networks. Once again thank you, we love you.

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