Vehicle proof of ownership/change of ownership guild: Nigeria

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proof of ownership

Vehicle Proof of ownership simply means who owns the vehicle, there some many way you can prove you owned that vehicle. But there is one legal way which is known as having your name registered with the Nigerian Government as owner of the vehicle. Why you seriously need a change of ownership in most cases is when you are selling or buying a Nigeria used vehicle which carries the first owner name. Example is When someone purchased an vehicle the invoice of that vehicle will be issued to that person. You can prove ownership with that invoice if it carries your real name, which is on your identity card. But if someone purchased an item for you then there should be a change of ownership process.

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proof of ownership

Vehicle proof of ownership/change of ownership guild: Nigeria

In many cases the claim or proof of ownership is require especially when you are registering car in Nigeria, you will be required to prove you will be required to prove the vehicle legitimately belongs to you by providing proof of ownership.

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If you are buying a Nigeria used vehicle that was already registered by the seller, then definitely you are going to need change of ownership to have all the particular transfer to your name.

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If you are buying already used Nigeria registered vehicle then we recommend you reading this article how to process vehicle change of ownership in Nigeria: Step by step

When someone bought a new vehicle, the Nigeria law required that vehicle to be registered before going it to the road. Read this complete guild how to Register new vehicle in Nigeria: Step by step process.

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