Two Weeks now, no Light in Ogba Road Agege Lagos

No light in Agege Lagos

We always surfer of electricity Agege region residents cries out.

Things are more expensive in Agege due to no power supply. 

It been a week plus heading to two weeks still Ogba road Agege in Lagos State has been without power supply.

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No light in Agege Lagos

Routine continue electricity powerlessness of this region is getting annoying. This has kept repeating since the beginning of this year yet no effort has been shown.

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It heading two weeks now, PHCN has kept the people of these region on the dark without even explanation of what happened.

Some residents who spoke with informationhood explained that things are now more expensive because traders have to spend more money in getting petrol to power their business and still paying electricity bills as usual.

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Affected area

Along Ogba road Agege, starting from Court/Palace Bus Stop to Agege Mosholashi market has no light.

According to informationhood findings, some area inside Ashade royal palace opposite the new court have been using steady 24 hours electricity, still the other locations nearby this area has been dealt with when it comes to light.

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The problem of light in this location is from time, and getting worse as time goes. However the people of this region is pleading with Nepa to show them love and give them light to power their business and homes as it suppose to.

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  • please whats wrong with our light in ogba please

    morayo July 2, 2018 2:53 pm Reply

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