Top Best Internet Forum in Nigeria to Communicate

Are you searching for best forum in Nigeria? On this post we are going to look at best forum we currently have in Nigeria. Nigerian is known for consumption country and this has affected us badly that everything we use we have to look out to abroad as the source. Even when some of us try to do their best we still discriminate them instead of to encourage them to enable us move forward.

What is a forum? 

According to wikipeia, a forum is a meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. This meeting can be hold online and offline, but due to distance online forum made it easy for people to communicate with each other by just visiting a forum site.

What kind of forum do you need to be on?

There are so many type of forums and each of them have what you are discussing about, it always better to stick to a forum that will add meaning to your life. In forum when you ask a question you should be expecting a relevant reply no matter how ignorant or poor your question is, but in some forums you get insult reply rather than getting a solution or relevant reply. We have that kind of forum in Nigeria but won’t mention name here. It not that the people in the forum is not ok but the owner of the forum granted them the chance to mess up with each others. So before joining a forum you have to be sure that you are not going there to just have fun but to add meaning and experience to your life. On this article i will be giving you some forum which as been known as best forum in Nigeria currently.

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Top Best Forum in Nigeria

Our mentality of using outside materials also deeply affect our ICT, and the other aspect of it is that we don’t have serious-minded cooperates who are ready to move to online businesses, this generate low power to our stability of the internet. But still yet some Nigerians has fought high to see that there is improvement in Nigeria ICT field, so instead of spending your time on only facebook, whatsapp and 2go, this post will also show you some good Nigerians owned forum you can still catch some fun as well.

On this post, informationhood will cover the best forums in Nigeria, how to use them and how to register on each of them.


This forum is certainly not the best but it the most used forum. Nairaland is owned by a yuroba young man named Seun, he founded Nairaland in early 2005 when internet usage in Nigeria was still very poor, over the years seun tried all it takes to make sure the forum grow, as we write this article, Nairaland is one of the most used website in Nigeria and it has over 1.7Million users.

Nairaland has political discussions board which is very active, it also has business, education, fashion and more.

How to register on Nairaland
To register on Nairaland is very easy, just click join Nairaland and enter your email, go back to your email to confirm your email and enter you name password to register.

How to use Nairaland
Also easy to use, all you need to do is login your profile, you can navigate to read other people thread of create your own thread. How how to create your own thread on Nairaland here.

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This is one of the forum i enjoyed so much and have found every reason to be there all day if i’m free. is a forum that grant students abilities to communicate and share details with each others. NGlead also have a simple chatting operation system which give the ability of messaging each other within the forum.

The forum is not ment for only student but to every one, the reason is because in life we all are learners of one thing or the other, therefore we all are students according to their slug.

NGlead forum is full of fun as people talk about different things and learn new things. Information sight the forum very favorable to university students as the forum made available universities section where universities students can discuss anything such as what happen in class, school fees, what happening in some schools and seeking help.

We love the fact that NGLead give access of finding new friend.

NGLead is the best place to learn or know more if you are having any question regarding what so ever, e.g you can ask to know anything such as where to buy cheap iphone in Lagos etc.

3. Business Forum

Proudnaira is a business forum that was launch by informationhood for business folks. This is know as entrepreneurs ideas hood. If you are interested in bean a boss and love business then Proud Naira Forum is the best place to be. Business minded folks share ideas, advice, experience, and more interesting discussion on the platform.

3. Nigeriabestforum

Nigeria best forum is one of the oldest forum in Nigeria, though Nairaland is older but the forum has been for long now. The forum offer relevant information and has good ranking. You can create thread on just as the others. You can check it out, it a nice place to be.

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This is programmers and web developers forum in Nigeria, there are a lot of web developers and programmers on this forum that communicate with each other and learn more, if you are a web or computer programmers nct is the right place to be.

This is informationhood friend forum, the forum is all about technology discussions. If you are the kind of person that love discussing about technology, then you have no where else better to be than

You can create thread on as other forum as well and the forum is very mobile friendly, good-looking and simple to use.

This is the best forum iinformationhoo can get hold of currently, if you have any idea then you are free to use the comment box below.

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