Top 4 Best Fastest and Reliable Web Hosting Provider 2018

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Top 4 Best Fastest and Reliable Web Hosting Provider 2018

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A web hosting is a source of website life, it almost impossible to run a website without purchasing hosting. This may sound confusing to newbies going into web design for the very first time or someone/company planing to build a website. Earlier on, someone ask ‘ what is the different between hosting and domain when planing for a website?’.

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If you still haven’t got it right, a website is stuff that lives on two major things which are domain name and hosting. The domain name is your site name which you wish to have, (e.g ) this is a domain name, it known as the website name.

Hosting: A hosting is where the website is been hosted, it serve as the land in which you are building your website on. All the files of your websites such as , contents, images, videos, themes, and many more will all be in the hosting. Without a hosting you can’t be able to build a website.

Both domain name and hosting are very important, you can’t do without any of them. Good to inform you that there are now free web hosting service all the over the world. Note that if you plan for better future of your website/blog it never advisable to use free web hosting. If you think you are just building a sample website or for just tutor you can give one of them a trial.

There are many free web hosting and one of the best to use is, blogger is owned and manage by google. You can host your website on blogger if you don’t have money to purchase web hosting.

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Note that you won’t be able to upload a dynamic website to blogger as it’s already a blog platform, all you need is to design a theme or install blogger free template. ( is a blogging platform, you can use your personal domain name or use the free domain name which will look like

Another free blogging platform is, this is exactly same category which blogger, it’s free to use platform made specifically foe blogging. On the free wordpress your domain name will look like . You won’t be able to use your personal domain such as

If you are looking for a free hosting where you can install your personal software or files on then you should check on and they are free but have a very limited storage.

There is no two wards about it, you cannot have a professional website with a free web hosting. It always advisable to spend money on your website or blog for so many reasons. I wrote about it on my previous post how to become a successful blogger, and I made it clear that what you don’t spend on won’t be get your attention.

Let’s proceed to why we are here, if you planed a successful website you need to go for any of the below listed hosting company for your website hosting service. I have sorted the most affordable hosting company with high speed performance.

This sorting has been made with their hosting speed rate, affordability, security, easy to understand control panel and many more.

Why do your need to go for a web hosting with very fast speed? Well this is one of the question many people have been asking, most of the time they end up answering the question by themselves. If your website load very slow would you really like it? If visitors are going out of your website or blog because it’s too slow, would you be happy? How about if google search or other search engines refuse to rank your website, how will you feel?. You see how easy the answer to the question is? This are the reasons you need to go for a web hosting with the highest speed performances.

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Is it good to go for affordable web hosting?: My reply to this question is, would you kill yourself or steal just because you need a web hosting? When something is not affordable, it means you cannot affords to buy it. Some people thought affordable or cheap things has no values, you are all wrong if you are still thinking that way.

Do you know that Mr ‘A’ and Mr ‘B’ who are laptop dealers can go into the market and purchase a laptop for $50, at the time they gets to their shop, Mr. ‘A’ will decide to sell his for $60 and make $10 profit while Mr ‘B’ will be selling his for $120 and make $70 profit.

This is what happen when it comes to web hosting as well, some web hosting company would want to sell same service or even lesser to you at a higher price while some others with better service are maintaining affordable amount in other to have loyal customers. It always the best option to go for what is affordable and save some cash. Below hosting companies list are the best and most affordable web hosting providers worldwide.

Best and Affordable Web hosting Providers 2018

1. a2hosting web hosting

This is the best web hosting provider worldwide, it was proven to be the best among all hosting service we have tested. This website you are is hosted with a2hosting, so many top popular websites are as well hosted with a2hosting. They have very high speed performance, easy to understand and use control panel, once click wordpress, joomla and other software installation, they hav the best linux control panel (cpanel), tight security, high storage space, unlimited domain adon, unlimited subdomain, unlimited customise email such as and many more.

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This hosting price is starting from just $2-$5.99 monthly and you are well set to enjoy all of those packages. They currently won award of best web host provide in 2016. They offer any time money back guarranty.


2. Namecheap

Name cheap is not just affordable but running at the best hosting as of now with great supports. They have all kind of hosting plan with manage and unmamage plans. From shared hosting to cloud and as well dedicated hosting server. They are good for small business, medium and to the largest business type.

One thing i like about namecheap is the support team, they are very active.


3. Immotion Web Hosting

Immotion is another goos web hosting though the price is not affordable as it surpose to. Their hosting offer easy to use interface abd pre-installed softwares. Immotion hosting starts from 5.99$ monthly.

4. Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator has been in business for a very long time, this is one of the most used hosting service so far. their prices is affordable but the hosting is not speed guarranteed, reason is because.they host lot of website on their share hoting which may cause the speed of your website to be very slow.

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