Top 10 Best Online Tutoring Sites In Nigeria

On this article is 10 best online tutoring web sites in Nigeria. Online tutoring is now trending in Nigeria. This helps to enhance learning processes in Nigeria. Online tutoring platforms bring students and their tutors together. Those preparing for certain examinations can now meet their tutors online.

Top 10 Best Online Tutoring Sites In Nigeria

Online Tutoring Sites

This helps them to learn faster and connect with their tutors. Online tutoring promote the educational sector since they make information available to those who need them. In this article, I will explain the different online tutoring platforms in Nigeria.

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These tutoring platforms offer online tutoring services. They bring students and their tutors together. Online tutoring is vital for the educational sector to develop. I will share with you in this article the top 10 online tutoring sites in Nigeria.


This tutoring platform began in Lagos and is now available in other parts of the country. Tuteria is among the leading tutoring platforms in Nigeria. Students connect with their tutors in this platform. Tutors first get registered in the website to teach in certain locations. The tutor fills a form containing details like his address, subjects he will like to teach and the preferred location for this service. He submits the application which include his phone number and credentials.

The tutor gets a mail to finish his application and he is given a unique Tutor ID. This Tutor ID belongs to the tutor and he will make use of it in interacting with the website in subsequent times. The tutor gets message about jobs available in his location.

The tutor applies to these jobs and continue from there. For the students, they also register in the website. After they fill in their details, their jobs are posted in the website. When posting these jobs, they indicate the duration, the pay for the job, the category of people who are to be taught and the location where the tutorial is to take place.

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All these information are then visible to the tutor before he proceeds with an application. When the tutor completes the tutorial, he is paid and the website gets some commission for the tutorial.


This is another major tutoring platform in Nigeria. City tutors offer the following services.

a) High School Entrance Exam: They offer one to one tuition to prepare pupils that need admission to top schools in the country. Effective test answering techniques, curriculum mastery methods with tuition focus contribute to 99% scores of their students in Nigeria.

They have a well structured monthly assessment system.

b) Language Tuition: Their language courses include Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Yoruba, Japanese, Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba. They provide a face to face tuition, full time language courses for primary, secondary, IGCSE, O Level etc.

c) Music Tuition: This is best learnt through lessons that are experimental. They offer different types of musical lessons.

d) International Exam Preparation: They offer trainings for international exams like IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, AP etc.

e) Maths and science tuition: They have tutors in science and maths.

f) English tuition: They have tutors that enhance communication in English.

g) Computer tuition: They provide you with result oriented tutors that help your proficiency. City tutors offer more services apart from these ones listed.


This is another main tutoring platform in Nigeria. They are mainly operational in Lagos and Abuja. They have a test solution. Prepclass has the following features:

a) Mobile friendly: Their website is mobile friendly. One can practice with his phone and continue studies everywhere.

b) Personalized practice: You can tailor according to your needs. You can study for particular exams or just to master specific topics.

c) Get your money back: You can get a full refund if your scores are not up to 75% after making use of their test prep solution.

d) Monitor performance: You can check and observe yourself improve your performance.

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This is one of the major tutoring platforms in Nigeria. Chatclass was launched in Nigeria in the year 2015 for secondary school students including anyone interested in making use of WhatsApp on mobile phones. The tutoring platform offers classes in six subjects and they include:

English language, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Chatclass has developed a model for teaching on popular application on smartphone known as WhatsApp. Images, videos, audio, combining text can all be taught using WhatsApp.

There are advantages associated with using this platform. Security challenges are minimized. Kids study faster using technology. WhatsApp is not a data consumer and teachers don’t have to come to your house.

You can save all voice notes, images or video on the phone after class. Chatclass uses the 2018 syllabus for education in Nigeria. This class runs for 60 minutes per subject with a 30 minutes break afterwards to permit preparing for the next class.

The time slot has to do with how long the class is scheduled to operate in a day. All the classes run for one hour per subject. Their main core audience is students from JSS 1 to SS 3. However if you are not within this category but you need tutoring, you can apply then. Every student is required to have a smartphone that has WhatsApp installed with an active internet connection.


This learning platform allows you to meet your academic tutors, shop for books and skill trainers at your convenient time. This website let’s students track their performance by making use of a range of assessment tools and analytics. The ideology enables students to master a subject matter and do better in exams. They have carefully selected tutors and they have many verified tutors that are all in one place.

With this website, you can learn with ease. Your grades will improve as you make use of this platform. They are also mobile friendly.

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This is another platform in Nigeria that brings students and teachers together. Proteach has the following features:

a) Real results

From 2012, their students have received up to 50000 lesson hours through Proteach. Their users confirm that it takes one week of personalised instruction from Proteach to improve a step that is higher in learning.

b) Good fit guarantee: No payment is made for your first hour unless you think otherwise. They offer an optimal satisfaction service.

c) Proteach offers a friendly private home tutoring that is personalised within Nigeria. They offer a range of subjects through their large network of highly qualified tutors. Proteach is active in Lagos and Abuja.


Website: This is also a major learning platform in Nigeria. They have the following features:

a) Job board: Here one can get job opportunities where technology works with someone to make the person visible to employers.

b) Certified teachers: You can choose from their many collections of qualified teachers.

c) Teaching resources: You have access to many teaching resources.

8. is a tutoring website that connects teachers and students together. They operate in the following manner:

a) Assess: They first access the needs of your child and create a customised program.

b) Match: They match your child with a fitting tutor.

c) Tutor: Tutoring then takes place.

d) Report & support: They check weekly session reports.


They connect teachers and students and have the following features:

a) Students decide their preferred location.

b) Lesson times are organised to fit into desired schedule.

c) Each in- house tutoring is custom designed to meet each students needs.

d) The program fills in the missing blocks of academic structure that moves students ahead of future requirements.



They began in 2010 to enable Nigerian students and other students across the globe with their resources, educational needs and better learning tools. They are also an online tutoring platform in Nigeria.

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