Is a phishing scam website

This website claims to offer Nigeria gist, in most times it gist are just about sexuality. Many Nigerians has been to this website which uses blogspot free platform in hosting it blog.

phishing scammers in nigeria

informationhood want to quickly inform all Nigerians and who so ever that is visiting  in other to watch some naked movies and see naked ladies and so other stuff, that is a phishing scam that deceive people to steal their facebook login information.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

For does who don’t know what a phishing scam means, phishing scams are scammers that collect people social media login information and uses in manipulation your friend, family and also use it in committing crimes. This are form of cheap hackers that deceive you to a website looking like facebook, they will ask you to login facebook in other to access what you are looking for. Soon as you put your login details on that facebook login form that is the end of your facebook account.

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The scammer will then have your login details sent to his database which enable him/her to access your facebook account and changes the login details.

The scammer can decide to change the password so you don’t have access to it again or live you to have access to it which means both of you are using your account depending on the scammer target. This kind of scammer always have reason for coming to your facebook account, they can manipulate with your account, they can decide to scam your friends or family or even add all your friends to their groups pages or do something else with your facebook account.

phishing scammers will provide you a fake facebook login page with a different url, this login form look exactly as that of facebook  and have the name of facebook, the only difference in it is the url which is the website address such as, if you are not smart enough to notice it by looking at the url then you will totally end up loosing your account, the only means you can recognize a fake facebook login page is with it url.

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The real facebook login page is something like this while a fake facebook login page will have some thing like, know that this name is just an example, the scammer will use any name he or she wanted to.

phishing scammers/hackers target various popular websites but the most common targeted one this days is facebook.

This is what is doing, i hereby advise everyone reading this post to kindly avoid it a phishing blog, how he does it own is posting naked photo telling you to download it, when you click on the download link, i will then take you to a facebook login page for you to login before access the video, that login page is a fake page, just check the url of it if you make the mistake of putting your facebook login details on that page then it over with it. But if you are wise enough you should be able to know that videos downloading have nothing to do with facebook and keep off.

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To confirm what we are saying you can check this post of him where he claim that Ini Edo po*n video was release, and asking people to download it. You can check it out but don’t put your details on that fake form.

Also watch out for this kind of scammers always, some have advance of doing it whereby they will send link a to your phone direct of email asking you to login to any of your account. For me i will rather go to my browser and type the website name myself instead of clicking on links to my social media accounts.

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