How to Start a Barbecue Business in Nigeria

On this post we want to show you how you can start Barbecue Business in Nigeria, at the point i ant to welcome you to For many that love barbecue and are thinking of starting the business. Here are guidelines you will need to start barbecue business in Nigeria

Step By Step Guide to Start Barbecue Business in Nigeria

How to Start a Barbecue Business in Nigeria


Barbecue is a special kind of food that is light and sometimes served as a regular meal and can be eaten between meals at times, it comes in different form, either with chicken or various types of fish.

It is usually grilled with series of seasoning and served with chips which is optional. Lovers of barbecue are always passionate about their food due to the taste and the nourishment it gives to the body. Starting this business is quite easy if you are willing to give it the great taste in your restaurant.

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Every day we might not be a leisure time but the time made out to relax with families could also be the right time to munch on barbecue fish or chicken and chips. Aside from having a restaurant for this business, it could be served everywhere such as in ceremonies, seminars, birthdays, corporations and organization.
Starting this kind of business in Nigeria is a really good option and much fun if you know your barbecue.

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Chicken barbeque

This kind of business comes in contact with an open fire and at times might hurt you if not properly done but the interesting part is it brings in much money. It is a very good option, since, you are unemployed and need to get yourself employed here is one, and you are employed and you need to earn more, here is a right option because you will be serving a huge market at large because everyone loves fish and chicken therefore, the progression in this business is obviously high. Below are the guidelines to starting this kind of business:

Get a Good Location for Your business

Business location

Getting a good location for your business is very important in starting and having an active management. As a starter you need an outlet where people move freely always so it could be easier for you sell your food.

Have your Capital

Get cash

The sole of every business is the money which is the capital in starting your business. Since you have location for your business, set up your capital and write out your budget and expenses for your business. You need to understand your cost in your business, since barbecue is focused on meat and fish and that might be quite expensive you need to make a budget on what to buy and how much to charge for each food made.

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Get the Necessary Equipment or Tools:
Getting your tools like gas, pans for grilling, bowls for mixing and every other equipment needed. Getting these tools is really important when running your business. Not all the tools could be gotten easily around you.

Get your appropriate ingredient for your barbecue business


Getting your ingredients like fish or meat which is one of the major ingredient of making barbecue fish or chicken in Nigeria. You need other ingredients too like plantain chips and seasoning. Getting these ingredients and adding them appropriately into your snacks also counts.

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Plan menu for your barbecue business

Price menu for barbeque business

In planning your menu, you need to know what kind barbecue to prepare and how to prepare it.

The following steps is used for barbecue fish

  1. Clean the fish in a salted water, remove the scales.
  2. Mix the ingredients separately and apply salts when the fish is dry
  3. Make lengthy slashes on the fish and apply the mixed ingredients on it.

Get Employees

Get employees for your barbeque business

As soon as you start your business, you will need helping hands, and the more it grows it becomes stressful it becomes for you to handle alone, so you need to employ more people that will help you out with the job so as to ensure smooth running of your business.

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Getting fish and chicken part that will be easy for you to handle will be of great advantage to you, then you could start your business and be rest assured that it will operate well more profitable.

This is the complete step to go in a barbecue business in Nigeria. To learn how to make barbecue in Nigeria for newbies, watch video below.


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