How To Start Tin Tomato Paste Production In Nigeria

How To Start Tin Tomato Paste Production In Nigeria

Everyone in Nigeria consume tin tomatoes, and tomato is a totally popular fruit,some people prefer to eat it when is uncook. In Nigeria, it is a common food in almost every household.

How To Start Tin Tomato Paste Production In Nigeria

The fantastic crimson fruit is richly recognized for its content material in lycopene, fiber, and other essential nutrients and minerals, in addition to for its sicknesses preventing phytochemicals content material.

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Tomato may be consumed in its uncooked state and also used for cooking, however it could also be processed into other kinds such as tin tomato paste, sauce, etc.

How To Start Tin Tomato Paste Production In Nigeria

As an entrepreneur before investing in any business the most important thing you need to do is to investigate thoroughly about the business that why we bring up this post to guide you and also to know all the things you need for this product.

1. Fulfill the Necessary Legal Requirements

The tin tomato manufacturing business is one that is a critical count number of issue with regards to registration and acquiring the essential licenses and permits. This is essentially due to the truth that it pertains to what people devour. In reality, you can not keep away from gratifying all of the necessary necessities earlier than putting in your tin tomato manufacturing commercial enterprise in Nigeria.

First thing you need to do is make sure you make the necessary requirement inquiries from already established tin tomato corporations in the united states concerning the license and allows you may want in your enterprise, because the commercial enterprise is highly regulated by using NAFDAC.

2. Carryout a Thorough Feasibility Study

If you’re very extreme about beginning a tin tomato production enterprise in Nigeria, you need to make sure you accumulate all of the information as regards the figures and to understand how possible the enterprise would be for you. You do now not need to just soar proper into starting the business and squander your investments; you need to first perform a radical feasibility take a look at.

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3. Get a Good Location

For a commercial enterprise because the tin tomato production, it’s miles very vital you get a good place in Nigeria due to the fact a good place will pass a protracted manner toward determining the fulfillment of your enterprise. Some elements that need to decide the location of your tin tomato manufacturing business consist of: nearness to source of raw material (majorly fresh tomato farms), nearness to market, and nearness to available work pressure.

Considering all the referred to factors, a great location you could site the region of your tin tomato production commercial enterprise might be a metropolitan and bustling area like Lagos, Ibadan, and some other major towns in Nigeria.

4. Get the Necessary Equipment and Get them Installed

The subsequent aspect you have to begin considering is to get the needed device on your tin tomato production. Also, make certain to get capable engineers to do the installation of the machines. Here are the gadget you’ll want:

Power producing set (no thanks to the epileptic energy supply in Nigeria)
Fruit Washer
Fine Pulper
Steam Jacketed Kettles
Screw Pump
RSSP Cooler
Storage Tank
SS Tank
Tomato Paste Form Fill and Seal Machine
Fruit Mill
Steam Piping
Steam Pressure Reducing Station
Product Piping and Valves
Cooling Tower Pump and Piping
Water Piping
Water Chiller
Delivery Truck
These machines will cost you more than N20 million (transport truck not blanketed) to get them new, but make sure to good deal for top fees.

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5. Source for Raw Materials

As referred to, you want to try to find your tin tomato manufacturing business in places very close to the supply of raw materials (tomato farms) for the reason that you’ll need handiest sparkling tomatoes for the production, and additionally so as to cut back on fee of transportation.

Although you may want different raw substances along with preservatives, the important uncooked fabric you may need on your tin tomato manufacturing is clean tomatoes. You ought to make sure you get very sparkling tomatoes so one can make certain exceptional product pleasant and flavor.

6. Hire Capable Hands

Tin tomato manufacturing is a serious business because it pertains to meals and health, subsequently strict satisfactory manipulate ought to be ensured all through the entire procedure. With this in thoughts, you may no longer want to leave the operation inside the arms of just all people. You should make certain to hire simplest experienced and capable arms to handle the entire operation.

You will need a combination of skilled and unskilled workers alike; starting from engineers, accountants computer operators, sales and advertising executives to semi professional and unskilled people. However, you may now not have to fear plenty about paying them because the business generates amazing profits while dealt with well, and so that you will no longer have to interrupt the bank simply on your people.

7. Pay Special Attention to Packaging

Packaging may be very important when it comes to selling your products in Nigeria, or everywhere else. You can also have a terrific product, with extraordinary taste, however it is virtually the packaging with a view to make the primary and lasting impression on clients. In truth, it’s miles the packaging that makes the difference among one tin tomato brand and the other. So, you want to make sure you pay unique interest to the packaging of your tin tomato.

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Also, you need to ask your self if you will only package your tomato in tins most effective, or you’ll need to do a mixture of different packaging which include bottles, and sachets.

8. Know your Market

Do you already know your marketplace? It isn’t enough to provide accurate tin tomato; you also want to consider the market, each your goal market and your competitors. Fine! Almost each Nigerian family makes use of tin tomato, but it’s far vital you’re very unique approximately your goal market. Your target market have to consist of the following:

Food processors
Hotels and Restaurants
Households and individuals
Market Women
Supermarket and grocery stores.

9. Be aware of competition

Also, you should be aware about the opposition and discover a way to have a completely unique selling point (UPS) to face out inside the industry. Do no longer slim your opposition to the nearby stage handiest, even though it is a good region to begin with, you must see your competition at a global scale, mainly in case you are going to enter this business working at a big scale.

With a better understand of this post I think you can now start you tin tomato business good luck on your new success.

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