How To Start A Boutique Business in Katsina State

Boutique business is one of the most lucrative business in katsina state that people not aware of yet, and we all better know about the shopping habits of young people and so this business is categorized as one of the most profitable business.

How To Start A Boutique Business in Katsina State

Boutique Business

But you have to keep yourself updated with the changing style and fashion and mixed with some shoes fashionable ones like big boy’s canvas that existents dealers of shoe don’t deal with in the market and then only you will be able to attract more and more customers.

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This is one of the fastest growing business and you can start this business with a pretty low investment. This business can be started from anywhere in katsina township more especially Sabon layi or katsina central market. The main thing which matters in this business is the location of the business. You should choose the location of the business very wisely.

Strategy and Implementation Summary
Based on extensive research conducted on Katsina people’s shopping behaviors, the following marketing strategies can be employed which may be helpful for your business
Develop strong relationships with customers by utilizing Style Assessment and offering services to help each person determine the right clothes for him because many people don’t know what they want they just ask you for the latest in town ( Na yayi).

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Build awareness of brand and services to exemplify strong store reputation.
Provide customers with a sense of access to inside information and harness the power of a woman’s personal network by leveraging marketing collateral designed for sharing and encouraging referrals.
Utilize personal referrals and stylists to build traffic.

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Style Concern is also one of the most important part of this business and so most people are intimidated by upscale fashion boutiques, as many sales associates can come across rude and snobby. Additionally, the sales pressure from an associate can be a huge turn-off to a potential customer as it doesn’t allow a person to browse and get to know the store’s products at his own pace.

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