Setraco Nigeria Limited Company: All You Need to Know

Setraco Nigeria Limited is one of the fastest growing and currently the leading construction company in Nigeria, over the 35 years these company serving the country the company has become the most popular construction companies in Nigeria that has successfully executed so many top projects in over 20 state of Nigeria. their major focus is developing Nigeria’s infrastructure high engage in bridges and roads construction. They have been in the construction industry for more than 35 years.

Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited Company

Setraco Nigeria Limited was established in 1977 and started by constructing township and district roads in what was then Bendel State. At as today setraco is a leading engineering construction company with over 35 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects in Nigeria. With projects executed successfully in over 20 states, and current presence in 15 states, Setraco has played a key role in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure.

The company have good experience to deliver top quality bridges and roads and bridges.  They are know to be one of the best infrastructural projects in Nigeria are among the best.  They have executed top project in various in more than 20 states in Nigeria d handing various construction projects in up to 15 states in Nigeria.

The company has good intention of torching lives in Nigeria with their infrastructure. logging in the hope of being able to touch every single lives of Nigerians positively by completing much needed infrastructure development in their region.

Setraco Nigeria limited is a company under SETRACO GROUP.  The company has top qualified engineers and top services organization. they have enlarge their presence in all over African countries and in the Middle East. They are also involved in both public and private construction projects.

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The company is known as no1 best construction in Nigeria, their constructed roads and bridges are excellent and currently the maximum. They are equally involved in a host of other infrastructural works.  They are also involve in asphalt production producing quality concrete and aggregate.

The company requires the service of vibrant and well qualified Nigerians. It Possible for you to be among this company to establish your dream. A frequent visit to their website will be of great help to know soon the have available opportunities in their company. They give attention to top class service delivery and this is placing them top among other construction companies operating in Nigeria, both foreign and local

You can visit the Setraco website here for their contact details visit here. The company have their tight policies that have made the company great and able to face challenges of the future.

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