See How you can Keep your Password Safe From Hackers

your password is a secret digit use in accessing your profile either online or offline, on this article we want to discuss some tips on how you can keep your password safe in other to avoid thieves accessing your account.

how you can keep your password safe from hackers

See How You Can Keep Your Password / Passcode Safe From Hackers

what does password mean?

passcode is another word for password, as explained above it’s a code or pin number giving to you to make sure that you are a rightful owning of a social media account for example facebook. We all know that without your pass-code or pin number also known as password you cannot have access in login in your social media account’s, it also include your bank accounts for example without your pin number you cannot be able to withdrawal money in an ATM machine exposing this numbers can be dangerous in this article am going to show you on how to keep them more safer.

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Tips On Keeping Your ATM Password Safe

When giving an atm card in the bank a pin normally comes with it so you are strongly advised to change your password to a number of your choice thereafter, you can destroy the one that comes with the pin mailer.

  • Never write your passcode/password in the clear what i mean by this is that never you write your pin number in a piece of shit that you can easily throw away.
  • Never disclose your password to anyone.
  • Never give your user id or password to a third party.When am not saying that you cannot disclose it to your partners or spouse but you have to be careful when doing this.
  • Never respond to unuseful emails or text messages requesting for your login or your security details
  • Never quotes your atm password on the internet, over the telephone or via posts, even if you are asked.

Tips On Keeping Your Facebook Password Safe

Facebook is a social media where you can be able to connect with your families and friends in home and abroad you can even make new friends by adding them and search your old school mate by the search button.

facebook is one of the best social media in Nigeria keeping your password/passcode safe from hawkers is very important because if an hawkers gets hold of your ID or password it can be used to frame up your friends and families, that is the reason why keeping them safe is very important.


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How Do We Keep facebook Safe?

By following this advise you can be able to keep your password safe

  • Don’t disclose your ID or password to anyone because they may mislead it, by doing this a third party might get hold of it and use it in its own advantage.
  • Login notification can be used, whenever anyone login with your passcode/password or ID you will be able to receive alert or a notification on your phone when you get the alert you will be able to know that someone has login in your account then you will quickly change your password before the person start handle your accounts.
  • You can always check your active secure section if you notice anything you don’t like or unfamiliar location device that means that your facebook account is about to be hacked. then you can click on end activities after doing that don’t forget to change your password to a new one.
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This is how you can keep your password safe in order to have accounts compromise.


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