facebook Life Event: How Can i Add or Access Life Event on my facebook account

If you are looking for how to create facebook life event then this article is for you. Many people have facebook account or page but is only few knows how to make proper good use out of it. In this article am going to show some steps on how you can access the life event option. page or account on facebook

Facebook eventWhat is facebook life event? Life Event is an experiences from different parts of your life. Facebook Life Events are divided into categories such as Work, Education , Family, Relationships, engagement, birth day party venue or trip to a new baby or home. Many different kinds of important moments you had in your life and you want people to know or learn from them these are called life event.

How To Add Life Event On facebook

Step 1: On your Timeline click on Life Events
Step 2: Above the status post box, select category
Step 3: Then select sub-category
Step 4: fill in information
Step 5: Add a photo if you want
Step six: Set privacy and post
Well done mission accomplish, you can now share your life event with friends and families on facebook using the facebook life event.

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