See 20 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

Exercise is the physical exertion of the body – making the body do a physical activity which results in a healthy or healthier level of physical fitness and both physical and mental health. In other words, exercise aims to maintain or enhance our physical fitness and general health.

See 20 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

Physical exercise is important for maintaining physical fitness and can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight, regulating digestive health, building and maintaining healthy bone density, muscle strength, and joint mobility, promoting physiological well-being, reducing surgical risks, and strengthening the immune system.

Types of exercise

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There are four different types of exercise, each one of it is very important in its own way, and doing all the four types is the way to maximize your fitness and prevent injury. They are:

  • Balance
  • Aerobic
  • Flexibility and
  • Strength exercise

See 20 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Regularly

Having known the definition and the different types of exercise  let us see some of the reason why we must exercise regularly. The reason we must exercise regularly they are:

1. It builds intelligence

As oxygen flows more freely to your brain, not only does your hippo-campus benefit but so does the part of your brain involved in planning and reasoning (the prefrontal cortex).

Mental activity, particularly involvement in exercises that require you to respond quickly, and it also boosts your intelligence and even your ability to carry out activities of daily living.

2. It help you sleep better

If you ever have trouble falling asleep at night a regular exercise can help you sleep better.

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The best time to work out is in the morning or the afternoon, rather than before bed, if you exercise too closely to bedtime, it can actually have the opposite effect.

3. Lowers anxiety

 As your levels of endorphins increase, your feelings of worry also start to diminish. When you exercise, you also refocus your attention from your daily problems to the workout itself.

You can gain a fresh perspective on even the most preoccupying concerns in your life by taking an exercise break.

When you return to these daily problems, you approach them with renewed energy and even some new ways to figure out solutions.

4. It prevent colds

Nobody likes getting sick, do you know that regularly exercise keeps the doctor away and half as likely to get a cold than people who do not do exercise. Taking a good steam afterward can help, too.

5. Improves mood

 It’s a well-kept secret that people who exercise regularly also have lower risk of depression. Exercise is one of these behavioral treatments.

Aerobic exercise improves your mood by causing your body’s endorphins to kick in.

These are the natural “feel good” neurotransmitters that start to exert their effects after about 20 minutes of training. These regular exercise-related boosts eventually improve your overall mental health over the long term.

6.It help you live longer

It’s no secret that healthy living will keep you alive longer, but you might be surprised at how much.

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Regular exercise improves life expectancy as much as quitting smoking.

7. It help to boosts confidence

 Exercise can improve your appearance which can improve confidence, but there’s more to it than that. It can also help you feel more accomplished and social  for example if you work out at a gym, even if you don’t see immediate results in your body, that effort will make you feel better, and a bit of confidence can go a long way.

8. It improves sex life

Keeping your muscles active through use helps promote the demands placed on your endocrine glands to produce more hormones.

With more muscle mass comes greater stimulation to produce androgen which help both men and women maintain their sexual functioning.

You are also likely to feel more fit and be more fit, which in turn will benefit your interest in and ability to carry out sexual activity.

Your emotional resilience will also be greater, which also benefits your relationship health.

9. It builds muscle mass

Resistance training also builds your muscles. In fact, the tension of your muscles against your bones is what also helps your bones to get the maximum benefit of weight lifting.

If you don’t engage in regular weight-lifting, you’ll lose muscle strength at the rate of one percent per year.

It helps to keep your muscles strong also it helps you stay more aerobically fit and helps you maintain a healthy lean or fat free body mass.

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9. It helps you to have better posture

Do you know that good posture is important, one of the best ways to fix your posture is to exercise the muscles holding your back.

Check out some of the most common posture problems people have, and which muscles you should work out to help fix them.

Regularly exercising your abs, back, and other muscles can go a long way into fixing your posture, both sitting and standing.

10. It improves breathing

 Aging affects the tissues of the lung in some ways that can’t be changed by exercise.

However, it can improve your breathing by strengthening the muscles that help your lungs open up to bring in oxygen and compress to push out carbon dioxide.

It also improves the efficiency with which oxygen permeates the cells of your body through its effects on aerobic capacity. While the non-exercisers will have to stop their workout to catch a breath, you’ll be able to push on past them due to this greater efficiency of your breathing capacity.

11. It reduce stress

We all have stress in our lives, whether it’s the occasional rough day or a more serious, chronic problem.

Stress can really wreak havoc with your mind.

  •  boosts your immune system
  • It improve skin tone and color
  • It makes you feel happier
  • Improves joint function 
  • Increase sports performance
  • It lower high blood pressure
  • It provide appetite

These are the top twenty reason why one should exercise.

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