The Risk of Abortion in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa, Worldwide

Below you will learn the risk of abortion in Nigeria, Ghana, America and worldwide. The fact that America has declared abortion safe and legal, it still not that safe in some part of the world, even talking of safe, there are some risk factor involve in it that doctors won’t tell you. I want to information you that  every abortion have a risk under it, in fact a very dangerous risk at that.

risk of abortion in Nigeria

Doing abortion for the very first time or have done it severally, there is a risk you endanger yourself with which is really high and definitely dangerous in future. The doctors will not even tell you this because they are in business. But i want you to know that there is risk in every abortion and great problem in future.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

On this article i won’t be picking the prospect of doctors only but also from the area of a christian as well.

In the christian view, abortion is a sin. While in doctors views abortion is the act of escaping unwanted pregnancy. The fact is that if you where removed with Abortion you won’t have been who you are today. I admit to the fact that your pregnancy might have come through a mistake but believe me there is nothing like mistake in the work of God, every body has a mission for coming to the world, so tell me would you want to destroy someone that has embark on the journey to earth because of your silly mistakes? Why not have pity on the baby knowing that if you where removed by your parents you won’t have been where you are today, or even reading this article.


If you wanted to avoid pregnancy then there is every possibility you should have make condom your friend or even avoid what leads to it in order not to put a child on the road to earth and the next moment your kill him/her with this so called act.

The Risk of Abortion in Nigeria, Ghana, Africa, Worldwide

Now that we have look at the view of Christian which is 100% full true, lets move on to the physical risk involve in abortion. According to my friend Allafrica he stated it clearly that abortion can affect one physically, emotionally, and spiritually, some physical infect of abortion are tubal pregnancy know as ectopic pregnancy, future premature births, sterility, and damage to the cervix. It was included that as a result of abortion, women suffer many physical injuries.

Risk 1. Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy is a pregnancy that happens in the tubal, let me call it intestine. This happen when the womb sub-stained severe injury or compromised during the abortion or due to abortion. According to abortionfact ectopic pregnancy is a life threatening case.

Risk 2. Not Be Able To Conceive In Future

This happen due to damage uterus, in case you don’t know what uterus mean, it means womb.

Risk 3. Death

Not every doctor or hospital are good in conducting abortion, If one did’t go to the right hospital the risk could be very complicated, in most time death occur due to excessive bleeding  or injury to sensitive part of the body. It only a professionals that need to carry out this act in victims. Don’t let someone use you for his/her first practical all because your ran into issues of unwanted pregnancy. This automatically split up the risk of abortion by 70%

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Risk 4. Breast Cancer At The Age Of 40-48

The risk of breast cancer increases after first pregnancy, this is because the breast development has cut off proper reduction. according to researches in USA it was found that women who involve in abortion likely develop breast cancer at their age of 40-48 years.


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Risk 5. Placenta Previa

I was shock when i saw this, i was reading through abortion fact and i saw that abortion increases the risk of placenta previa in later pregnancies (a life threatening condition for both the mother and her wanted pregnancy) by seven to fifteen fold. Abnormal development of the placenta occur’s due to uterine damage. According to them, they said the damage increases the risk of fetal malformation, perinatal death, and excessive bleeding during labor.

Risk 6. Continually Stomach Pain

45% women that have had aborted before are likely to develop severe stomach pain most especially during sex. This may happen due to a damage of the cervix known as the womb entrance.

Risk of fibroid
The risk of fibroid is high in a woman that have been involve in abortion, according to research they find that 76% of fibroid in early age is course by abortion.

Risk 7. Cervical, Ovarian, Aand Liver Cancer

It will surprise to also know that women with one or more abortion face a 2.3 relative risk of cervical cancer, compared to non-aborted women, and women with two or more abortions face a 4.92 relative risk. Similar elevated risks of ovarian and liver cancer have also been linked to single and multiple abortions. The research stated that these increased cancer rates for post-aborted women are apparently linked to the unnatural disruption of the hormonal changes which accompany pregnancy and untreated cervical damage.

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My friend and good person of Nigeria, after seeing the risk of abortion above, i don’t in any way advice any woman, girl or lady to get herself involve in abortion. Give birth to the child if the case is not related to health issues, only do abortion if doctor detect that the baby is not in a good shape or related issue. If the case is how to take care of it or not wanting to be a mum now, believe in 5-10 years time you will be thanking me for this post.

ADVICE: My friend i have always advised never to underestimate the power of a condom if you are not yet ready for responsibilities or ready for another child too soon. Family planing is still another means considered very helpful. Since things has happen this way, please abortion is not advisable, what you have read above is not meant to threaten you but the whole truth. You can keep your baby if your condition is not too complicated, but make sure you have a rethink before getting involve in abortion. Note that you could be lucky and none of this risk will affect you but the chances is very small. Please rethink, if you where to be aborted by your mum; will you have been here reading this article? Give that baby a chance please.

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