How to Replace/Change Tecno None-removable Battery in Nigeria

There are some solid tecno smart phone which battery are unremovable. It sad to say this kind of techno are the waste techno phone ever and this kind of phone battery sometime doesn’t last as you might have expected them to because the battery is none-removable.

How to Change techno none-removable battery


The Reason Why Your Tecno Battery Get Spoiled So Soon

There are three mistake I am aware of why your tecno phone battery can get spoiled too soon.
1. Allowing your techno smart phone to archive 0% low battery always.
2. Using low voltage chargers to charge your techno smart phone
3. Restarting your techno smart phone too soon

This are what causes your phone battery to get spoiled easily, if you are doing any of this then it time you need to stop it, or even if you change the battery the new one will still develop same problem. Techno smart phone batteries are very soft to this kind of use, and don’t have the strength to power this mistake, this leave the battery no other choice than to spoiled.

If your techno smart phone unremovable battery has develop fault or spoiled, the phone will be going off by it self even if the battery is fully charge, sometimes your techno phone will just beep low battery right from 80% of it. When all this happens it means your battery cast, it definitely need a replacement.

How To Replace Your Tecno Unremovable Battery In Nigeria

The good thing is that you can change your techno smart phone battery without having to go through too much of stress, all you need to do is take your techno smart phone to the nearest techno office and request for it battery. Take the battery to phone engineer and have it change.

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The engineer will have to open the phone, and cut off the precious spoiled and and replace it with the new battery.

You should note that you can’t change the battery by yourself if you are not an engineer.

This are the hope this post can render to whose his or her techno battery has gotten spoiled, if having any question or contribution you can make use of the comment box below.

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  1. My tecno droipad 8 was 0% so it turned off ( obviously) when I plugged it, it refused to charge or if it was charging that I don’t know so I left it plugged in after sometime I tried turning it on while it was turning on it offed Again. Sometimes when I try switching it on it only vibrates.. Please what should I do

  2. My tecno l8 battery is not fast charging and strong . pls help me

  3. My phone w5 Iite refuse to power i have tried charging it to no avail. is it the battery

  4. my phone hasn’t been charging.. it didn’t leave, 50%..

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