How to Recharge Your Prepaid Meter and Check Balance in Nigeria

Prepaid meter is one of the best thing that was introduced by Nigeria electricity section some years ago. This sector has done all it take to still maintain the uses of this technology since it been introduced however sales of the meter is no longer in existence in some locations which means those homes that get it when it was first introduced has been considered lucky. If you have prepaid meter in your home and finding it difficult to recharge or check your balance, this article will be of so much good to you. Just follow the steps as noted on this post. Read how to pay Nigeria electricity bill online here

Prepaid Meter prepayment

For those who will be wondering what the prepaid meter is all about. The electronic enable meter enables you to pay for the amount of electricity you used only which stop you from getting charged monthly. With this meter you can save more money by optimizing the uses of electricity in your home. With the meter you will have electricity in your home only when you recharged your meter, and all your home electricity will go off as soon as you exhaust the amount which you recharged.

How to Recharge Your Prepaid Meter or Check Balance in Nigeria

As stated above, this article is to show those of you who have the prepaid meter how to recharge it and how to check balance.

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There are so many means one can recharge his or her prepaid meter without stress even without going out. From the comfort of your home you can easily pay your prepaid mater subscription. Note that before you can pay for you prepaid meter you must have your smart card which you needed to purchase, load, retrieve or sell power credit easily. Without the smart card nothing will work.

If you have the smart card ready, the first step is work into any disco office in your area/location and configure the smart card. After the configuration then you are set to purchase electronic energy prepayment unit, we will as well guide you how to do that below.

The fact remains that electricity credit has 20-digit pin code which is used for recharging when needed. Even now you can recharge your prepaid meter from all Nigeria banks and there are so many other means you can recharge it. See how to recharge your meter below and the codes you need to have the transaction done successful. The following are the six basic strides to revive your meter and the codes you have to enter.

Steps To Recharge Your Prepaid Meter

  1. Go to any merchant outlets or disco workplaces near you with your brilliant card.
  2. Give them your card which conveys your meter number
  3. Demand for the credits you can manage
  4. Your record will be credited by the specialist and you would be given a slip containing a 20 digit code alongside your receipt.
  5. When you return home, enter the 20 digit code through the UIU Keyboard. Watch the UIU LCD screen as you write to guarantee you’re entering the right digits
  6. In the event that the token you have entered is right, the screen will indicate “Acknowledge” which implies that the energize is effective. Nonetheless, if the screen shows “REJECT”, this implies the code isn’t acknowledged and the revive FAILED. A “REJECT” sign may imply that you have entered a wrong or invalid energize code.
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Even if you don’t have your 20 digit code, you can as well gain success in the process. The step below will show you how to recharge your meter even if you don’t have the 20 digit code easily, just follow carefully.

When you return home, open the card entryway of your screen unit and embed your shrewd card the best possible way showed on card. You have to guarantee that the control box is associated with a power source. You will see the LCD screen of the screen unit showing an image like this “— — “. This implies your meter and card are conveying (credit stacking is fragmented). Toward the finish of the procedure, the refreshed credit level of your meter will be shown on the LCD once stacking is finished. It advisable for exercise patience while the card load, it advisable never to dare remove the card while still loading or you may end up damaging your smart card or both the meter is luck doesn’t count. So wait for the loading process to complete before you remove your card to avoid stories that touch.

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Here are the things to check once stacking is finished.

  • Meter number
  • Meter number
  • Balance
  • Total credit used

On the off chance that you don’t know how to check your meter number, press 65 then the blue catch, the meter number is the 11 digit numbers that displays on the screen.

In the event that you need to check your meter balance, you can simply press “07” on the keypad and after that press the blue catch. The accessible balance will be shown in this configuration. (102.12).

Additionally, to check the aggregate credit utilized, press 07 on the keypad then the blue catch, at that point sit tight for the answer to be shown as appeared previously.

This is all you need to know on about the Nigeria electricity prepaid, as you find on the post, we have covered how to recharge your prepaid meter, digits codes to use and more. So this a complete steps to recharge your your meter by yourself in Nigeria.


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