How to quickly get google adsense approval and it down side

How to quickly get google adsense approval and it down side

It not as hard as others are saying before getting google to approve your google adsense account. In other wards it not still that easy if you don’t know how to do it. On this article we will show you How to quickly get google adsense approval and it down side, we ask you carefully take time in reading the whole article so you will be aware of it calamity also.

how to google adsense aproved

The right thing to do in other to get google adsense approve is to grow your blog, writing quality content and gain good amount of traffic then google adsense will accept your request immediately without delay. But if you insist you can’t wait to grow your blog or website before putting google adsense on it then you can read below as we have covered the whole easy process and calamity that befall it on this article.

The fact remains that when google adsense refused your request to join the google adsense platform is because they have reviewed your website or blog and notice it not yet qualified to have google adsense on it. The reasons might be because the blog is still new and doesn’t have good amount of contents yet, or the blog has no good traffic. So fusing yourself on google adsense won’t do you any good at all.

The problem with many bloggers who are here and there seeking for how to have their google adsense account approve after several refusal, are those who are impatience and in hury to make quickly money. Google will be kicking these kinds of bloggers out any time they submitted request.

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If you stick to your interest in blogging and have millions of quality article on your website then google will be willing to do business with you. You will be welcome by google with both hands while there will be happiness in you, because google adsense is not going to throw you out in a short time.

Do you think google will turn facebook down if they decide to apply for adsense? This is the issue, you don’t have what google is looking for that is why they are kicking you out, and they will keep on doing that, in fact to make things worst they will decide cutting down your chance of applying for adsense if you choose to be disturbing them now and then.

Google notice those huge traffic website and they respect and honor their request when ever they apply for google adsense. now let ask why are you in hurry to have google adsense on your 2 to 5 months new blog or website? If you are this kind of blogger who is in hurry to make money with his or her new blog, then informationhood has a bad news for you. Google adsense have millions of high quality website with adsense, for this reasons google adsense don’t value website or blog that will be struggling to make $10 per day or even per week. In other thought we understand that google is in business and if not manage properly they might start loosing their advertisers, that is why they take their time in selecting useful blogs and website to do business with and not those that could cause them damages.

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Having google adsense approve is definitely not the main issue but what happens next. Many bloggers has gone frustrated and abandon their blog and website in period of a year. Do you know what happened to them? What happened to them was that their long throat of getting rich quick with google adsense was uncontrollable. And google notice that in them and then decided playing with them and kick them out of adsense with no single payment, that is to say google adsense is not friendly with small website or blog not even medium one’s.

My friend, if your website is not having the kind of traffic that you think google adsense will come begging you to join their adsense platform then don’t considered joining google adsense yet, just keep growing your website more. Now that you know what will happen if you decide to carry on, if you still insist of getting google adsense approve on your new or low traffic blog then follow the steps below.

1. Write up to 120 post, to do this is easy you don’t have to write the article yourself, copy and pasting will do this for you, all you should do is turn your blog to a news blog for at least a week or some days, edit every first paragraph of any article you are copying from another blogs or website to yours.

Make sure you achieve up to 120 post or more before applying for google adsense. You will discover your google adsense will be accepted within 3 days.

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2. Delete those news contents you previously posted which make google adsense to approve your request, just make sure you are replacing them with good quality unique contents.

Congrats on your illegal way of approving google adsense.

Calamities to be expecting if you decide going through the illegal way to approve google adsense.

1. google will gladly place their ads on your blog for some months and as soon as your account clock payment, the first thing google will do is refuse to send you your verification pin to verify your adsense account so you can be able to claim your money. Google will trick you that they have sent you a verification to confirm your payment ware as they didn’t, you will wait and wait, all they may tell you next, is that maybe it get lost and you need to request for a new pin, you will be ask to request a new verification pin and wait for another 3 months to get to you, while all this time their ads is still place on your blog running for free. This is how you will keep waiting for google verification pin till the day google will wake you up with banned email.

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