Problem Browsing With Glo Network: Review

Glo is one of the Nigeria network delivering affordable service to Nigerians. I have always be a loyal customer of Glo since 2006, supporting them with all my strength over this years. But to be sincere, there is something i don’t like about this network called glo, that is their habit of not taking their customers serious, poor network, and having issues of glo network not browsing.

problem browsing with glo network

When it comes to browsing, Glo data has always win the the affordability award over since their years of operation. This service has known to be the must affordable data service provider in Nigeria but don’t be too happy as you might want to hear the other side of the story also.

The Problem Browsing With Glo Network

I wish to inform you that Glo has a very poor network when it comes to browsing, Glo service is very slow in browsing, but i have always manage it because it more convenient to me than MTN and Airtel and even Etisalat which i have never tried, maybe because i have been addicted to Glo right from time.

You must have been aware of Glo cheap latest data service plan of 2gb for 1000 Naira, 6gb for 2000 Naira and 10gb for just 2500 Naira, this Glo data package wow every one and make people to swift from other networks to Glo because of the cheap data plan Glo released. This then worsting the problem of Glo poor browsing network.

What prompt me to write this review is the fact that i have keep calling Glo over 3 weeks now, and they keep telling me one story which is “we are upgrading our browsing 3gb network”. I tried to manage the edge signal but it damn bad, a website page takes prolixly nothing less than 15 minutes to load.

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What surprises me most is that, they go signing artist with 50 million just to do advert for them while their network is a piss of trash, i recently learned that they have started loosing customers in some Isoko villages of Delta state that uses only Glo network because it was the first network introduce to them, but all of them has started dumping their Glo sim for MTN all because Glo network has not been working there over 3 months now.

The fact is that i myself is making arrangement of moving out of Glo network if they didn’t solve this their network issues within a week from now.

Now over to you, how is the Glo network treating you?

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