Politics in Nigeria: Why Youths May Never Rule

On this article we are going to talk abo politics in Nigeria. The political gladiators in Nigeria went to war through elections recently in Edo state, Nigeria and the results are in. The ruling party, APC, won the election by a margin of 66,310, defeating the opposition party PDP. The keenly contested election is not the reason for this piece but the position of youths in the face of Nigerian politics.

Politics in Nigeria - why youth not ruling

Politics in Nigeria: Why Youths May Never Rule

According to “Nigerian politics”, a youth is defined a member of the society within the ages of 18-45. This definintion does not hold water in Nigerian political lanscape. We have heard in the news during the previous administration that the former Minister for Youths and Sports was 72 years old. Even the present Minister of Youth and Sports is over 50. What does that portray for the youths who are the so-called future of Nigeria? The funny thing about this whole matter is that the “old” men who are leaders use this youths to perpetrate nefarious activities especially during election periods. These youths are used to intimidate voters, scare opponents, loot shops and private institutions of opponents and the rest. Youths that ought to be deciding the future of Nigerians.

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Now that the Edo elections are over, the losing party are threatening fire and brimstone. They have rejected the results of the election and are heading to the courts. What this means is that there will be destruction of lives and properties unless the authorites weild the big stick on these youths and politicians. Both parties will ensure that they get the best result from the Nigerian Judicial system by hook or crook anf they use the youths to acheive this aim.

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What is the way forward? Positive Family Orientation. What is Positive Family Orientation? It is the imbibing of moral values, etiquette and culture into members of the society through the gateway of the family by parents and guardians. The family is the smallest unit of the society. Thus if parents and guardians can teach children about being useful members of the society, they will grow up trying to do their best in the community. Parents can encourage their children to grow up and aspire to be the president of Ngeria or senior political posts in the country through legitimate means. Also, youths should be taught about the dangers and consequences of breaking the law, the penalty of destroying lives and properties and the positives of helping oit in the society.

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Recently, the National Assembly raised a motion explaining that the age one can attain in order to become the president of Nigeria is 35 and above. So the youths can be anything they want to be without resorting to violence.

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