How Should Buhari Handle Current Nigeria Economic Situation? Your Idea

Enough of the critics on Buhari, how is this every day critics on Buhari progressing our nation? Prices of product is still archiving the worst, living many homes in pain and hunger, Still not tired of pointing fingers.

Buhari - Nigeria economic situation

It obvious things has gone wrong because the wrong finger has been biting, but how long do you keep living in this ugly mess, pointing finger at one direction?. We can see how the country economic has been plundered by our past leaders and their wives, which has result us this current Nigeria economic situation. At once let’s hold back our finger and give our president some reasonable ideas/suggestion how these country can be restored.

Let’s see the reasonable masses of this country, if you think you have a reasonable idea that can help in restoring the  current Nigeria economic crises, then say it using the comment box below or hold your peace.

The Question is: From your own conception how will Nigeria overcome recession and archive victory?.

Drop Your Idea Below

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