Where to Buy HP Laptop Accessories in Nigeria: Charger, Keyboard, Battery, Motherboard, Screen

Hello friend, welcome to information hood online info portal. On this post I want to show you places to buy hp laptop computer accessories in Nigeria such as charger, battery, keyboard, screen and motherboard.

Where to buy hp laptop accessories in Nigeria: Charger, Keyboard, Battery, Motherboard, Screen

Hp laptop accessories

The below places are not just where to buy hp accessories alone but where to buy original hp accessories in Nigeria in no matter the location you are.

One of the fact every laptop computer user must adopt is the fact that one can run into problem at any time with his or her laptop. In some cases some of us have problem with our laptop chargers were it may get burnt and in this case you may want to get a new charger. On this post I want to show you where you can buy your hp laptop accessories in Nigeria

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Nglead Computers

Sero computers shop is Located at 09 Nigerian Arny Shopping Arena Bolade Bus Stop Oshodi Lagos. You can get all kinds of computer accessories there. You can as well place order online and have it deliver to you at your location in case you are not in Lagos.

Their products are 100% original with guarantee of return if not OK with it. They deal on phones, laptops and computer accessories.

Prices are not too friendly but if you want to get the original that will last long you would want to go with Sero Computers as the best choice for such as chargers, laptop batteries, laptops, keyboards, hard disks (hdd), laptop ram (memory) etc.

Note: they don’t accept payment on delivery but you are rest assured of getting your order quick and safe.


Computer Village Ikeja Lagos

If you are in Lagos and have enough time to visit to computer village in Ikeja Lagos the you should consider there for your laptop accessories. You will be able to get all kind s of laptops parts there.

In computer village you can check on shops you are pretty sure they are satisfied computer accessories dealers.

Alex Computer Ltd

Alex is located in Ikeja computer village. You can get you hp computer accessories there and the shop is very easy to locate. He also deal on original products as well.


You may consider jumia for you hp laptop accessories in Nigeria. If you don’t know about jumia, let me give you brief explanation of jumia. The website jumia.com as an online ecommerce shop where people visit to buy their items online. Jumia do delivery to any location in Lagos and some states.

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They prices of jumia is quite high they have good service and rest assured of getting your orders. Note they have stop payments on delivery.


Konga is an online shop just like jumia and well trusted in Nigeria. You can buy all kinds of hp accessories on konga.com. their prices are a bit high but still OK. They have the fastest delivery service to all locations of Nigeria but no longer accept payment on delivery anymore.

jetcom engineering services

Their office is located at
88, Agidi Road, Agidi B/Stop, Alapere-Ketu,, 300001, Lagos
0806 334 1907.

This is where to buy hp accessories such as charger, battery, keyboard, screen and more in Nigeria. Have something to include to this post? You are free to use the comment box below.


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