People buy themselves into big brother naija

I was on Twitter earlier on today and I come across a post where someone boldly claimed that the rich buy themselves in to the reality tv show Big Brother Naija just to gain fame. I don’t know how true this may be but come to think about it, no one who have been to big brother who wasn’t already doing good in life or know no wealthy or a celebrity before. Either they’re doing good in their lives already and also know top celebrities. Does this mean that people pay themselves into the show? Anyways let me quote what the person said and also some of the replies below. 

He said and I quote

“BBNaija organisers claim that the auditions is free & open to all, but at the end of the day sell slots to the elites; There’s no inclusiveness in the show, just a platform to elevate the rich. That’s absurd. Both the rich, poor & physically disabled should be amongst the hms. “


1. Truth be told, I’m yet to see anyone who enters the house that’s not already doing fine in life, all of them dem b rich men and women who joined the house for fame sake. The organisers know thisand I think that’s just the obscure objective of the show.

2. It’s a facade.

There’s nothing free about it.

The platform doesn’t lift people out of the trenches,it just gives the already made an avenue to advertise themselves.

3. The earlier people realize that BBNaija is just a business enterprise, the better for them.

Don’t expect fairness and equity; money needs to be made.

4. This is actually the first time I’m in full agreement with what you’ve just typed. BBNAIJA organizers are using the show to deceive Nigerians. It’s a just a show to make the rich popular.

5. The sh!t hurt a lot, whenever there’s free platform it’s always for the rich people and elite and this is happening because we live in a capitalist and materialistic society where they put price on everything. The problem of the world is elite and we must take it back from them.

6. Seriously…its not really free as they said.

The secretary asked me why I didn’t buy a slot when she saw my seriously to be a part of it…its only those who buy slot that have the chances of getting in.

Well i will try and secure a slot for myself for season 8…I’ll start now

7. The same thing I and my roommate were discussing that it favours only the elites or those who have some connections with some big persons. No offense, you hardly see a common man that knows nobody being enlisted in the show. Absolutely there’s an underground work we don’t know.

8. I totally agree with you. My cousin has been trying for 7 years now. This year, we got to know that 95% of the slots have gone to the highest bidders and the remaining is for other levels of higher bidders. And we will spend our money voting them and for what? See life na!!!

9. In a country where the rich gets the best education, best health care and even richer in all remification, I am afraid, the poor can’t compete even on a fair level ground

10. That is just it now, I rather watch Topgear and

Aircraft investigation than put my eyes on such rubbish

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