How to Open and Verify a USA Paypal Account in Nigeria

How to open paypal account in Nigeria? How to open paypal account that receive payment in Nigeria? On this article i will be showing you all about how to open both us paypal account in nigeria and also how to open paypal account in Nigeria.

Updated November 10th, 2018

Paypal is a worldwide online banking process that allow people to pay for items online and to receive payment for their stuffs online. Paypal has grown very huge and be use by the worldwide, and has became the most accepted payment gateway by many online vendors.


paypal account in Nigeria

It sad that Nigeria was restricted on paypal for their own security purpose, thinking that Nigerians are know for scammers and in other to ptrotect the other countries who are using the service paypal decided to block Nigeria’s from paypal, but today there is a good news.

Paypal has finally see that all Nigerians are not scammers and the have seen how we are growing in economy and have decide to allow Nigeria access paypal. Not too happy as paypal didn’t not give Nigerians full features of paypal, this means there are still some feature that Nigerians paypal account are not still allow to use, which is the area of receiving payment.

Paypal now allow Nigeria to use paypal account to pay for products and services online but did not allow Nigeria to make use of paypal in receiving payment. This is still consider useful for some Nigerians who want to keep the privacy of their debit card. Today many Nigerians are making use of paypal as it a very secure payment gateway.

On this article i will be showing you how to open paypal account in Nigeria and activate it.
first let get started by visiting paypal website

There are 2 types of PayPal accounts: Personal and Business.

Here’s how to sign up for a PayPal account:

  • Go to the PayPal website and click Sign Up at the top of the page.
  • Select the type of account you would like to open, “Personal” or “Business.”
  • Select Nigeria as your country.
  • Enter your email address and choose a password.
  • Click Continue.
  • Fill the registration form and enter the CAPTCHA.
  • Confirm that you’ve read the PayPal User Agreement and click Agree and Create Account.
  • Go to your email account, open the email from paypal and click confirm account to link your email account.

now you have successfully open Nigeria paypal account, the next process is linking your account to your paypal account


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How to link your account to paypal account in Nigeria

The process of linking your Nigeria bank account to paypal is very easy and doesn’t required any high Technic, just follow the step below

Login to your paypal account and click on the profile, click on verify paypal account.
Put your ATM card details and click on submit.
Paypal will automatically withdraw some little amount from your bank account which will prompt your bank to send you an alert, in that alert message that you will receive from your bank, there will be a transaction code which you will use in verifying your paypal account.
Now go back to your paypal account and enter the verification code and click submit and that it, you are done.

How to Open a US Account in Nigeria

As we mentioned above Nigeria paypal account a restricted to only make payment online and can’t be able to receive payment. In other for you to your paypal account in receiving payment you definitely need to open a verify us Account. On this article i will be showing you how to open a USA verified paypal account that receive money from all over the world. By following the steps below your USA paypal account will be working in 20 while you are here in Nigeria.

The method we are going to use is payoneer, in case you don’t know what payoneer means. Payoneer is a USA account that you can open right here in Nigeria, in order to have account with payoneer, you will just visit their website register and they will ship their ATM card to you, with that ATM card you can withdraw in Nigeria bank ATM machine, the good thing is that the ATM card is totally free. If you don’t have payoneer US account yet then register payooner account here and get $25 instantly upon registration.

After registration, payoneer will send you your ATM card within two weeks.

Now let get started, i’m assuming that you have your payoneer ATM card with you now, if you haven’t then bookmark this page or save the link to come back and continue when you receive your ATM card.

What you need:

1. A working email address

2. An active working Payoneer US virtual Bank Account

3. USA Citizen Profile

4. A VPN (Any VPN that can change your ip to a steady US IP address)

Now let move on, as i mentioned above am assuming you already have a Payoneer account else visit Payoneer and create your Payoneer account. Payoneer will give you your US Payment Service details such as Bank Name, Account Number, Routing Number and Account Type.

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You will see all your account details when you hover your mouse over the “receive Payments” menu option and clicking on the “My US Payment Service Profile” on your Payoneer account dashboard. All this details is what you will use to verifying your US Paypal account.

Now we need to generate a fake unique US profile that paypal will accept, this fake US profile that will are going to generate will have Unique US Phone Number, unique US house address, unique US zip code.  to generate fake profile go to Sign in using your Google+ account. Click on the gender and select your gender (Male or Female), leave Name empty and select ‘American’ as Country or set it to United States and click on the ‘Generate’ button to generate a US citizen profile.

How I opened and verified a USA Paypal Account in nigeria 2

Wait the net page to load, when the US citizen profile has been generated, you just have to click on ‘Save this name’button to save the profile with your Google+ which will also save to your gmail account so you can provide same profile if ever Paypal requires it in the future for any form of confirmation.How I opened and verified a USA Paypal in nigeria

Now open your notepad and write down the Address, Zip code, Phone Number and SSN from the generated profile, you can write it on a pies of paper. The name won’t be needed though since you will be opening the account on your own name used on your payoneer.

Then make sure your VPN is up and running well, I use premium, i recommend using a premium freedom VPN though and always be ensure to use ONLY USA server address. So i personally recommend to always use on the VPN because that is their US server address. You can use to confirm your IP location.

Now visit and click on the Sign Up link. Choose your US as your Country or region and select ‘PayPal for you’ and click on the ‘Get Started’ button. Then fill the rest of the form and ensure to use the same names you used on your Payoneer account on Paypal as well.

Use the address, phone number and Zip code you got from the fake generated profile. To complete the registeration a verification link will be emailed to your email.

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Click on ‘Activate’ button on the email sent to you to start the activation of your Paypal account. You will be asked how you will prefer to verify your Paypal account either via Credit Card or Bank Account.


How I opened and verified a USA Paypal Account in nigeria 3

Since you already have a US Bank Account via Payoneer, choose the Bank Account verification option and add your Payoneer US Bank Account details on the given form, such as Bank Name, Routing Number, Account Number etc.

How I opened and verified a USA Paypal Account in nigeria 4

Paypal will then verify your US bank account by depositing two little amounts less than a dollar each to your Payoneer bank account. You will be required to correctly enter the exact amount Paypal deposited on your Payoneer on your Paypal account to finally verify and activate your Paypal account. It takes 2-3 days to verify Paypal account.

How I opened and verified a USA Paypal Account in nigeria

Once the US Bank Account has been verified your Paypal will be activated and you can start using it to receive fund and make payments online.

My Little Advice:

In other to enjoy your US paypal account, i advice to always ensure to use a US dedicated IP address when ever you want to access your US Paypal account.

It highly advisable to dedicate one special browser for this alone. we use Opera browser for our Payoneer and Paypal alone since we won’t use it for anything ordinarily.
wow good luck now you can start to use your new PayPal account right away. If you are having any issues with opening paypal account, then use the comment box below to notify us and we promise to render immediate assistant in helping you out.


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