Nollywood & Music Industry N*de Appearances In Video must stop

On this post Informationhood Rises Fight Against Nigeria Nollywood and Musical artist to stop appearing n*de/n*ked In Videos

Nothing will stop of writing about this topic till we notice change and already act n*de movies and music videos are banned, what we are asking is easy, Nollywood & music industry n*de Appearances in video should please%d example to the nation with your movies/music videos.

Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances

Why would Nigeria been counted among n*ked countries? why should our Nollywood actors/actress constitute of spoiling the young Nigerians? Why is there no longer decency on our film and music industry? Why is there no law abounding this industries? What will be your gain misleading people in the world you will someday die off? what surprises me is that there is no more limit to act of Nigeria Videos and lyrics any longer, They have started public n*de dressing, live sex, Nakedness etc and no one see any thing wrong with it.

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Is this the country seeking the peace of God? The government have not seen any offence in this. Nigeria film industry and musical artists has now go out of hand, going totally n*ked in the act of videos, they now uses wrong wards every where just because they have no law guiding them. Take a look at the photos below.

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Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances

Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances Nollywood & Music Industry Nude Appearances
The question is that why is there no punishment for public n*de dressing? we know that there is punishment for criminals, murders, rapers e.t.c, why is our government not doing something to limit this act Nigeria n*de dresses? We all know that 90% rulers of Nigeria are Christians and Muslims, it is not right in the eyes of God leading others to commit sin’s. People are now comfortable coming outside n*ked, is this not a sin before the eyes of God?

God is the best and first among all things, he should be the first every ruler should think to please first before human, a day is coming brethren when the judgement of God shall before everyone. To whom more is giving more is expected. You shall give an account of how you used your leadership in helping the kingdom of God.

The question is what have you done for God with your leadership? i tell you some people you criticize shall be the one’s who will be honor in heaven with just a little change.

I could remember how many movies and musics was banned in time of former president “General Olusegun Obasanjo”, The man forth greatly to make sure the movie industry and music artist don’t publish bad videos and lyrics. But today our girls go completely n*ked on movies and music videos. raw wards are been used in music and movies. We now see men and women completely n*ked having s*x on our nollywood movies and still our leaders see’s nothing wrong in that.

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The devil is messing up the world and we the children of God in power we are not doing anything about it, instead we are accepting it as mode of development.

Informationhood challenge all the rulers of Nigeria to put a stop to this or we will not rest. The president, judges, governors, Nollywood president etc have the power to put a stop to bad videos, movies and lyrics by banning them from selling. There should be law guiding this industry.

Believe me what ever you do for God you shall be greatly reward in heaven and on earth, as the bible said heaven is happy over just one soul that repented, how much more will heaven reward he who bring the change of that soul? What about That person who saved a nation? God will surely give you an opportunity to rule continuously to save more people. And also you are building your home in heaven.

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Please information-hood plead with the government to look diligently into this issue, the devil is now using our nollywood actress actors, models, and our music industry in destroying this nation. God doesn’t dwell in a dirty nation, that was why God despise many nation and destroy some nation, (e.g Sodom and Gomorrah).

Our music artists now think that without girls been n*ked on their videos it won’t sell. This could lead to some upcoming artist stealing or involving in money ritual just to afford n*ked girls on their video. Mr.President, Governors, Judges this is purely a destruction to a nation, you should do something about this issue and stop enduring sin.

A nation seeking the peace of God must appear decent before God to obtain mercy. what have you done for God as a leader?

Information-hood hereby plead and urge Nigeria to do something about this. Nollywood, musical videos, n*de appearances, bad lyrics etc must stop. Lets build a God fearing Nigeria.

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  1. Look at who 2face wasted his money to mary abroad, shame on you mirs Idibia

  2. I am in support of stoping sexuality videos in Nigeria.

  3. This is why i forbid my children of watching nigeria movies. Nothing to write good about them this days.

  4. I hate seeing this ,,so stupid & mindless people ..I agree of stopping filming this kind of movies ..

  5. I don’t even watch Nigeria films because they have nothing to offer.

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