Nigeria Politicians are Crooks, Don’t Support Them

Nigerian politicians

If you are a Nigerian you should have known better now that Nigeria politicians are crooks, all that comes from their mouth are all lies and didn’t need to support them in any angle, especially on this increment of fuel price.

Nigerian politicians


The Word Of God
Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand


Is this the first time Nigerians are hearing fuel subsidy removal? In fact since beginning of Nigeria history our ex-president Oga Jonathan was the first president to introduce fuel subsidy removal, who knows where he got that from?  What has it archived Nigeria till today?

Was there fuel subsidy removal when late president Yar’Adua was on seat? So how was him able to archived all he did for Nigeria at that time even when he was ill?. Was there subsidy removal in time of BABA Olusegun Obasanjo? where things much hard like this?.

So how come this tenure is starting with fuel subsidy removal just because Former President Oga Jonathan Ebele introduce it on his tenure? even at this time things seems very difficult for the masses to survive. did he say this on his presidency campaigns, or i this the change you promise Sir?

In respond to a post sponsored on title “How Nigerians May Benefit From Fuel Price Increase”


The government of President Muhammadu Buhari has on May 11, officially stopped the subsidy regime on premium motor spirit. The price of petrol may now start from N145 per litre. in this piece first published on Nigerian Bulletin lists three benefits of fuel price increase.

The federal government of Nigeria, in a bid to deregulate the downstream oil sector has announced an imminent change in the pump price of petrol. According to Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Ibe Kachikwu, the new price for PMS will not be above N145 per litre. Here are three possible positive outcomes of the fuel price increment: 1. Bye-bye pesky fuel queues Yes, we’ve all been there. You’ve been on the queue at the station for hours and when it’s your turn to buy, the fuel attendance says “fuel don finish.” The best thing to do at that moment is to hold someone’s hands and hymn Kumbaya. However, with the new rules put in place, those pesky fuel queues may totally be a thing of the past. Part of the decision FG made before approving a new fuel price was to open the importation doors to more businessmen. According to Kachikwu, “any Nigerian entity is now free to import the product, subject to existing quality specifications and other guidelines issued by regulatory agencies.” READ ALSO: Fuel subsidy removed; new price of fuel revealed As a result, the market is expected to be flooded with the product. This will automatically make fuel queues disappear. Heck, maybe we won’t be needing fuel attendants at petrol stations again. 2. Cheap fuel. Maybe, most likely. Don’t curse me yet. Remember when MTN came to the Nigeria and started selling a SIM card for N50k? What happened after Airtel came? Glo? Etisalat? It’s the same everywhere, competition always benefits the customers. MTN and co now hawk SIM cards on the streets and rates are also falling and becoming competitive. We can expect the same in the fuel market. A strong competition between oil marketers will surely drive down the price of the commodity. 3. Development of Nigeria’s refineries According to Kachikwu, the new decision will encourage investments in refineries and other parts of the downstream sector. READ ALSO: 3 reasons for fuel scarcity explained by Sahara group boss He added that it will also prevent the diversion of petroleum products and set a stable environment for the downstream sector in Nigeria.

Please don’t encourage the nonsense this administration is forcing on the masses, the pressure is too much for the masses at the moment.

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About the post publish on your able news platform it seem insisted that this current increase of fuel price will end up been profitable to this country Nigeria, if informationhood get you right your post eventually sounded as if it 100% sure.


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According to your reasons, you stated bye bye to pesky fuel queues.
Have you recently been to the fuel station since this new increment was announced? if you do then you shouldn’t have encourage this change. It has now gone beyond imagination, yesterday i was in the fuel station to get fuel when i notice every car owner is paying the fuel attendant #200 naira before they could fill our thank.

If i should ask, has the reason why importation was suspended archived? has Dollar returned to #1 naira to dollar, even has it return to it normal state it where before #199.9?. So why the sudden change of plan in releasing importation? can’t you see that this administration are totally confused of the change they promise, now they and just want to eat till their tenure get over?

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The people who has been destroying this country has ported from PDP to APC so here our problem lies, because they are now confusing the proper thought that this tenure was having for this country and turning them to bad.

All the money recovered for the past 6 months what has they been used for? is it not recently our Oga went to borrow money from China?. Was this not what still happened it tenure of former President Jonathan Ebele when he went to borrow in other to fund arms which end up in most of their wallet?

They are now working to defraud us saying increment of fuel price. <>nonsense</>.

Why is it that with this current situation in this country FG want to release 93 billions for primary school feeding? if i should ask, is this really reasonable while We have thousands of jobless graduates out there? has government even paid workers for the past 6 months? We notice that over 5/6 months now Government are owning their workers salaries, no job in the country, and now they are telling us that they want to release #93 billions for primary school feeding which is just for lunch. <> hmm </>

Are they going to feed this children for the whole day such as breakfast, lunch and dinner? If no then after feeding this children at lunch how would their jobless parents or even government workers parents be able to provide breakfast and dinner for the their children when no jobs, no salaries?. <> Can you smell the rat? </>

This is just a trick they want to use in defrauding us as they have always been doing. We have more vital issues at hand that required immediate attention to solve with that money rather than this primary school feeding things, after all when they finish their education they are still not going to get job if the situation remains like this. beside whose reasonable parent will allow their kids to be eating public sharing food in school? Do you think that responsible decent parents will allow their children to be eating government provided meal at school? Oh no….. No decent parent would allow that, especially now that we have boko haram on ground and other killers who tires eliminating people day after day.    <> We know this is just a cover face to steal again </>

Government have now turned their workers to beggars in other for them to eat, why because no salary. They don’t have money, some don’t have any other means of making money, how do they want them to survive?

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We have been suffering in this country over some months now due to suspension declared on importation which increases the price of dollar to #341 Naira per dollar. This issues have not been solved to restore naira back, now they are here to increase fuel price. If they should increase fuel price don’t they think they should consider bringing the price of naira to dollar back to it normal rate of #199.09 per 1 dollar in other to lease some borders on masses?

That if what they said about our achievement about increment in fuel is truth because we have been hearing subsidy removal from the time of our former president Jonathan Ebele where he took fuel to #100. What did we gain from it? now another subsidy removal to #145 and you see nothing wrong in this. I tell you this is how fuel will keep increasing in price until we will wake up one morning and hear that fuel has been increased to #5000 per litre. And you are there assuring what you are not even sure of.

Every one is wishing this country good that is why we voted for change at the first place, but whit this current changes we are seeing, the future is clear, they are not getting us any where except they change again. If i should ask Where is the wages of #5000 Naira monthly President Buhari promise the youth while on campaign? they now want to release #93 billion for primary school feeding. <> Who are the fools here?  </>

Won’t #93 billion Naira’s repair some refineries in Nigeria?

With this current changes i can boldly tell you that the masses are now suffering.  Currently transportation which was #2,000 naira is now been increased to #35000 naira, body cream of #200 naira is now #700 naira, garri of #250 naira is now #700 Naira, shoe of #500 is now #1,200 naira, hair comb of #50 Naira is now #150 naira.

They won’t feel it because their pocket is getting swell every day while the mesas are dying. So tell me how has this change has benefited us since we voted for it.

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  • God bless this you, every has said. i wonder if prevous government is going to be more better. any cross my legs just watching.

    Divine Appo May 15, 2016 12:07 pm Reply
  • It not yet time to cry, you people voted for change and here it is. Now you knew the value of Goodluck Jonathan to Nigeria right?

    KennedyIyeme May 15, 2016 12:38 pm Reply
    • You are the dollest person i have ever seen.

      Tawo pye's May 15, 2016 1:44 pm Reply
  • 93 billion naira for feeding small children? na wa oh

    Taye May 15, 2016 1:02 pm Reply
  • You said my mind, the N93 billion for primary school feeding it the most annoying area. i think many nigerians are beginning to stand and fight for our right, how could they be lavishing Nigeria money

    tolexander May 15, 2016 1:19 pm Reply

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