Nigeria Web Hosting vs Abroad Hosting Which is Best to Use?

Should i use Nigeria web hosting or Abroad hosting? On this article informationhood  will be clearing your doubt and put an end to your long stress in knowing the best web hosting to use, either Nigeria web host or abroad web hosting.

This is one of the first question that comes to any one who which to go in lasting online business in Nigeria. If you are asking these question, you are not alone, lot of us have ask the question and thousand more are still asking. On this article i want to quickly tell you the truth no one else will likely want to tell you.

web hostingNigeria web hosting and US/UK hosting which one is the best?

Before we choose a host for this website we definitely hold a general meeting and all the result we got within our self was definitely wrong. In case you don’t know what host is, a hosting is what bring your website alive.After getting a domain you definitely need a host to bring your website alive so the host has the most important part to play here. Let me quickly add that host determine the speed of a website, and fast website is an added value to search engines ranking. Therefore you would want to choose your host carefully.

Why You Need The Best Hosting Service?

The Word Of God
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You need nothing less than the best host and when you about searching for a hosting service for your company website you will likely come across many who claim to be the best while they are not. If care is not taking at that time you might just fall to the wrong one, and that means extra money wasting. Your host can kill your website if the web hosting company is not serious for business.

Imaging if the web hosting company fold up so sudden, what happened to your website? How about if the host is very slow, what happened to your sales or visitors growth? For sure no one want to spend all his/her mb on a website loading forever or even want to waste a lot of time waiting for your website to open when there are thousands of other websites/blogs out there offering same service.

What if you run into problem that required the web hosting company attention but there is low to no customer support?. You might not know all this yet till you get started. Severally this particular blog you are reading have ran into severe problems but with the help of our hosting get us up again. Our hosting company was there for us, that is why you still see this website till today. A hosting company that has good reliable 24 hours support is what you should go for.

Mistakes to Avoid While Chosen a Web Hosting

There are some common mistake people are making when chosen a web hosting service, the most common mistake is chosen a cheap web hosting. Some Nigerians are making this mistake by 75%, and it not helping matters at all. I know the state of the economy presently in the country is not suitable but something i want you to be aware of is the fact that you are starting a business which will make you a millionaire in future, so you have to think outside your ordinary self and start thinking like a company because that is exactly what you are about to set now.

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Go for a reliable and comfortable host that is not cheap but bit affordable. Stop rushing to hosting companies that offers host service for $1 per month, this kind of host can kill your business or cause you extra resource because there are a lot of people there already which has made the hosting much heavy.

Get ready to spend N26,000 – N60,000 for just a host service. Yes this is really not too much if you are ready for business or else maybe you are creating your blog/wesite for child play because you have a smart phone or tablet and you think you should start a blog, you are definitely playing. When you spend nothing in starting your blog or website, the more you spend on your business determine how much seriousness the business will gain.

Harm of Using Free Web Hosting: This is really horrible, some Nigerians go online and start searching for free hosting service. I wonder what you can do with this. Free hosting are used for online lecture, most especially for showing example/demo to students, and teaching how to have something done on YouTube etc, this is what abroad people use it for.

Outside this there is no good thing that can come out of it. It can still be managed for a website that is not made for too much traffic such as setting up a little service, but take note that if you intend to grow your service or company in the future you will have to lose that website and set another if the service doesn’t offer swift of host, so it not really a good idea starting your business with a free hosting.


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Nigeria Web Hosting vs Abroad US/UK Web Hosting Which One Should I Go For?

Now back to the main question while you are here. There are more people going into web hosting business in Nigeria as at today, and some nice ones are offering a hosting service to online business at a very affordable price.

Before you get carried away by these almost to free Nigerian hosting, do you know that some of the Nigerian web hosting company are owned by individual who is still struggling like you or even worst than you? It not wrong to patronize these person’s but it definitely wrong to play with your business, how about if he/she fail to continue the company and run down, what happened to your own business?

1. Limited resource. Most Nigeria hosting companies are offering a limited service that a good website or blog needed, this is to say most of the companies doesn’t even have Dedicated or VPS hosting.

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Some don’t have unlimited traffic resource, all they offer is some amount of frinking MB – GB’s which can’t even carry up to 500 visitors daily. How about when your blog or website grow big and start receiving thousands to millions of visitors/traffic daily?.

2. Not serious with business. Most of them don’t even have developers working with them as workers because they can’t afford the payment as most of them are individuals, and in return of these there is total lack of maintenance on the hosted websites database which lead to hacking of the websites. If you go for a hosting company that don’t have good working developers working in cleaning of database’s and upgrading their security line, then you will end up loosing your website to hackers in no time.

Bad support to no support: It will surprise you to know that most of the people who owns web hosting company in Nigeria are also workers to another physical company especially when the company is not too big and making him good amount of money. In the morning they dress up and go for their own work, so how do you expect such person to render support to his/her company users?

Are you still asking Nigerian hosting vs abroad hosting which one is the best to use?

How to choose The Best Web Hosting 

Nigerian is known for consumption and not producers, we are ready to consumed a lot without making at all most especially our rich men. A Nigeria rich man will tell you that you are jobless or Crazy if you should suggest them online business, but still they can’t do out of facebook a whole day. These is our mentality in Nigeria, and it what’s killing the economy more. It not that Nigerians can’t have a good hosting but our rich investors who have the money to invest in and make good result are not thinking of online businesses.

But there is a good news though, i want to tell you that Nigeria still have some good hosting companies but i am not going to give you any on this post as you have to go in search for them by yourself. We will only guide you how you can find the best but not going to give you a link to any.

For us, we are not using Nigerian hosting company for these website and have not even used it for any before, but i can assure you there are still some good hosting company though they are rare.

How To Find A Good Web Hosting Company In Nigeria

As i have mentioned above, most of the hosting companies in Nigeria are hosted by just individual who is not even financially balance, these kind of company can collapse your own business if go for it. So you most avoid falling for such hand.

1. Make good research about the host

In every hosting you are planning to use, make a good research about it to ensure that the company has been in the business for nothing less than 3-5years. There are tools which allow you to check the age of a domain, use statscrop to check the age of the company name by entering the domain name of the company in the tool.

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2. Make sure the hosting service has good customer support

Make sure you check that the company has a good quick and reliable customer support. To archive this, go to the website and check for live chat. If the company doesn’t have live chat on their website, then run from such hosting company. If they have live support, chat with them to ask all the service they offer, be ensure that the company has vps and dedicated service, also unlimited traffic resource in case your blog/website become like facebook, twitter, Nairaland, wikipedia, wikihow, Jumia, jiji, Olx, or Konga.

3. Check online for review about the web host from people using it

I know that some people are paid to write review about a company, don’t go for such, look at the comments under reviews or find a forum about where people talking about the service.

4. Check The Loading Speed of a Website

Test the speed of a web hosting service before you go into it. If your website is slow then there will be bad effect on your website search engine ranking. To test a hosting speed, kindly request website hosted by the company from them while chatting with them. Don’t tell them you want to check the web hosting speed, just tell them to give you two or more website using their platform. Then go on and test the website speed. To test a website speed go to and enter the website you wanted to test on the field and click analyze.

Disclaim: For some reason’s you may want Nigeria web hosting company in order to encourage our country, but while doing that make sure you go for the best in order not to hurt your own business with your consideration.

Advice: As my own country i like something good for my people, but sorry we won’t recommend any hosting company publicly on these post. We have shown you the quality of a good web hosting and how to get a good hosting.

In order hands there is one web hosting you need to run from which we won’t hesitate saying on this post in no mater what happen because it won’t be of good to us to see you hurt. If you must host a website, don’t dare use Godaddy hosting, it cheap and dangerous. We are talking from experience, You can use them for buying of your domain but don’t host your website/blog on Godaddy.

I will end the talk here, i hope someone has benefit from this, if so then help me give thanks to God for creating me at first place or you would have miss this. If you think you are having issues picking the best host then leave a comment informationhood will recommend up to 4 best web hosting service you can choose from.

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