All You Need to Know About General Hospital in Nigeria

General hospital is a government-owned hospital in every city and states of Nigeria. General hospital aimed affordable treatments and help to improve health.

General hospitals has been functioning since 1893 in Nigeria. According to our findings, general hospital is met for every citizens and it open 24/7.

General Hospital in NigeriaThe Nigeria Government has improved general hospitals facilities in Nigeria, having best expertise and clean environment mostly Lagos State hospitals.

15 Major Things You Need to Know Before Going to General Hospital in Nigeria

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From our research we have find the below important things which will be of help to you regarding general hospital in Nigeria.

1. You Buy Everything Needed for Your Treatment

Be it gros or injection pin, you need to buy them all by yourself. Yes it’s general hospital but things are not free there. They won’t commence treatment on the patient till him/her provide what is needed for the treatment. It will also interest you to know that materials needed to carry out test on the patient will also be provided by the patient as well.

2. No consultancy fee

Unlike some private hospitals were you will pay consultancy fee before you see doctor. In general hospital seeing doctor is free and required nothing.

3. Hospital card fee is N500 only when you are opening health folder

Your hospital card is were all your health issues will be recorded in detail. It’s close to impossible to be admitted in any hospital without a recording folder. Nigeria general hospital make the price of creating folder with the hospital affordable, in some general hospitals in Lagos you will be giving card format of identity card while some others give normal hospital card of paper format.

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4. General hospital Discharging fee is Very Affordable

One of the reason why people prefer general hospital is the discharging fee. It’s 60% more affordable if compare with private hospitals bill. For example if private hospital will charge N50,000 on discharging fee, it won’t be up to N7,000 in government hospital.

5. General Hospital in Nigeria Has The Best Expert Medical Doctors.

Best doctors are working in general hospitals unlike some private that can’t afford experts doctor service. When you talk of experts you find them on general hospital.

6. You must bring who will replace any blood used on you.

Blood is very important to human and this is never neglected at general hospitals in Nigeria. For those whose condition required blood, blood will be giving to them free but there must be replacement of that blood before the patient will be allowed to be discharge. blood in general hospital is free of charge but must be replace for other people to use as well. At replacement, patients are to bring their people to donate back the blood to the hospital. You must provide people to replace every single blood used on you. Opun replacement you will be charge N4,500 Naira for the screening process, the N4,500 is to run test/checkup if the person is fit to donate blood and if the blood is virus free.

7. They don’t allow your people to sleep or spend too much time with you if you are admitted

Unlike private hospital were someone will be allowed to stay with their person, when admitted. it not accepted in Nigeria general hospital. General hospital has good workers that take good care of patients.

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8. The more days you spend in general hospital the more your bill increases.

They charge for every single day spend at the hospital bed. The good thing about Nigeria general hospitals is that they discharge patients soon as they confirm the patient is okay to go home. Unlike some private hospitals that keep patients in their hospital in order to charge them high discharging bill.

9. You only pay at payment point inside the hospital.

No doctor or worker in general will collect money from patients. They don’t have any right to do that. All payment must be made in the payment point were you will be issued a receipt for your payment. All government hospital warned that you shouldn’t pay money to any doctor or worker of the hospital, only pay your bills at the payment point and also make sure you get a receipt for all your payment.

10. All bill must be cleared before patients leave the hospital.

All hospital bill must be totally paid before a patient can leave the hospital. The hospital is ready to accommodate patients till they have all hospital bill cleared off. Note that the more days you keep spending in the hospital the more your bill is increasing.

11. You need someone to go with you if condition is serious or case of emergency

For emergency case or serious health issue, you definitely need someone to go with you. As mentioned above, you must buy all treatment items including medications, and for emergency case you won’t be able to go to the hospital pharmacy to get those items ready, this is why you need someone to always be there to run the errands.

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12. Always go with money

General hospitals is close to free but not free yet, so always go with money whenever you are going there. Minor or serious health issue, try to always go with money as you could be required to run some text or scan that requires buying some treatment items.

13. General hospitals has visiting hour

All general hospitals in Lagos has their visiting hour when visitors are allowed to visit their people. Check below for general hospital visiting hour.

General hospital visiting hour

  • Monday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Tuesday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Wednesday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Thursday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Friday 4:30pm – 5:30pm
  • Saturday 2:30pm – 4:30pm
  • Sunday 2:30pm – 4:30pm

14. You must be patience

One thing to consider when going to General hospital is patience. There are a lots of people there and some cases are considered emergency that requires urgent attention.  Don’t be in hurry and you will archive your goals of going there.

15. You must tolerate 

Most of their workers are so aggressive same time annoying. Some of them are not happy with their work something else. This is how it looks like, but not all of them are the same. Some are polite in speech why some are always angry.

Your purpose of going there is to get well or your person get better, so it advisable to ignore any annoying act and face the purpose of going there at the first place.

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