Mortein Power Gard: Review! Does it Really Work?

Mortein Power Gard is an insecticide in Nigeria which claims to be one of the no1 best insect killing solution that kill faster and keep killing for longer.

mortein power gard review

Have you been wondering if this is true? From personal experience i have to write this post in the help of other people and the company. This is not to discourage anyone from buying mortein power gard insecticide but just stating my personal experience.

Is Mortein Power Gard Working?

As far as i am concern due to my personal experience, there is nothing good on Mortein Power Gard Insecticide to write home about, this company definitely need improvement to back up their advertisement effort.

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After watching mortein power gard advert on TV i was amazed and decided getting the insecticide. I was even boasting for the mosquitoes how i’m going to murder them all with morein power gard. My friend you need to see how i raided almost half of mortein power gard in other to be sure none mosquitoes survived. It shock me after 2hours time when i came in to sleep, my ears was like hearing mosquitoes sounds, i turn on the light and put on my phone torch, hmm you need to see how mosquitoes i thought i have murdered are relaxing on my wall, that night shirt! it was like i invited mosquitoes in instead on killing them. I was really disappointed after trying it severally without good result, i have no other choice than drop it on the trash because the smell is not really friendly and same time not working.

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At as standing mortein power gard is nothing but huge disappointment. It only weaken the power of mosquitoes for some hours but can’t kill them not even talk of keep killing for long period. To be sincere with mortein power gard, they definitely need an upgrade to power their insecticide to a killing point.

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For the sake of these review, i will buy mortein power gard once more to see if there is any improvement so i can update this post with their latest improvement but if there is still no improvement at then, these review will be lock ad restricted to update.

At as this point informationhood will be giving these insecticide nothing else than stamping thiis review red till we notice improvement.

You can drop your experience with mortein power gard using the comment box below.


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