MMM Nigeria Is Now Giving N1000 Naira Promo to New Members

MMM Nigeria has recently announce of giving a promo of 1000 Naira to all new members from 24th November to November 30th.

MMM Nigeria

MMM Nigeria Is Now N1000 Naira Promo to New Members

According to MMM Nigeria, this promo is to celebrate this first anniversary, that is why NMMM Nigeria announces a new promo, been that this month complete the existence of mmm in Nigeria. mmm is now the best option of making money since the economy has no dream o getting better, should i say mmm was sent by God.. lol, i don’t know oh but it helping people a lot and i am living witness of it. I recently login to my mmm account when i got a notice of a promo that any new member on mmm from Number 24th to December some date will get N1000 free as promo. Ah i would have registered again but i was shock to read at the end that a member can’t register 2 account, oh sad. well it good to inform others, if you have heard about mmm and you are interested, i can tell for sure it real and i have been paid recently, i was suprice hmm.. thank God oh. I heard that it even existing in india, USA and some other countries. If you care to join visit

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Below is the notice from mmm which we used in confirming the information

It has already been one year since the MMM Community brought Nigerians together to help each other and change their lives for the better.  To celebrate this first anniversary, NMMM Nigeria announces a new promo. Every person who will register in MMM in the period from November 24 up to November 30 will be awarded 1000 Mavro-Naira as a gift. No need even to provide help to receive this gift: a person just needs to sign up in the Community during this period and add his/her bank account details in the Personal Office. After a while the amount of 1000 Mavro-NGN will be automatically awarded to his/her PO account.

The purpose of the offer is to give each registered person an opportunity to get help from another MMM member instantly after registration, and make sure that MMM works and people really help each other here.

Dear members! Use this promo and invite all your friends, acquaintances, colleagues, who are not MMM members yet, to join our Community!

When you invite people to join the Community, don”t forget to tell them about MMM ideology. The goal of MMM is NOT to assist anyone to get richer quickly. MMM creates a platform through which people help each other directly. And finally, with MMM people can build a society with no segregation: where all people will have equal opportunities, regardless of where they live, what their status is, and who their relatives or their friends are!

Invite people to MMM and share its ideas! Make even greater efforts to spread MMM ideology among people!

P. S. Remember that each participant can register only one account in MMM. Multiple accounts are easily detected and by the Control and Revision Office (CRO) and participants get penalized.

To register go to the mmm official website

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  1. wow this is great, though am relatively new. but i have helped someone and i will wait for others to help me too.
    so what are you waiting for, join the train and help your self financially and help your friends too

  2. Please I’m finding it difficult with my account due to wrong email address you put in my account instead of

    Please I want it to be corrected instantly.

    Thanks for your kind anticipation

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