Merciful Heart, Nigeria Movie – Who Would Have Been Saved If It Were You?

I watched a Nigerian and Ghanian combind movie yesterday name “Merciful Heart” where the man married a lady, on their wedding day after church celebration the guy decided to host house ceremony. To cut short the story the girl was having affair with her husband father and her husband best friend.

Part 1

The Word Of God
The heart of men is full of evil and entitled to destruction, except for those whose heart is for God. Check your ways now.

Part 2

On that ceremony the girl snick out with her husband friend to their one of the room and started doing the tin… 15-1 hours later her husband father knock at the room door and the guy doing the tin quickly ran to hide inside the toilet.

At this point the father requested that they do the tin.. So while the tin was going on the husband has waited for his wife for long ad started looking for her. The guy went straight to their room just for him to find his dad on top his wife…. The guy was like shirt, dad you? and rush at gun, the father jump up looking for where to hide and then open toilet door just to see the first hiding there… lol…the story continues. The guy quickly rush at gun and force all of them to enter into the car used on their marriage as still design with all marriage decoration stuff.

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The guy drove totally out of town to desert where no one lives so he can kill them three there which is the wife, his best friend and his father, so when they get to the desert he brought them out and pointed gun out them but unfortunately the guy is a soft hearten person and couldn’t kill them and started crying instead.

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In few hours later they ware caught by some forest people who eat humans. when they get to forest king, the boy who were hurt approach the forest king in good manners so the king was amazed at the kind of person he is and set him free then ask him to go, but the guy couldn’t and he beg that they also release his people, but king told him that all of the rest are going to die, that they are their animals and must be eating to survive, but the guy keep pleading then the king ask him to save just only one person out of the three and after that the remaining two persons will be their meet because they have to survive.

This is when the movie become critical, i was waiting him to let all of their three die, but unfortunately he save his wife despite all that she did to him by sleeping with his father and best friend right in their marriage ceremony day. i wonder how he is going to live with these memory all his life.

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I have just two questions,
The question is,

1. Who did the worst among them three? his wife? his best friend? or his dad?

2. If it where you who would you save? is it the wife who is sleeping with your dad and best friend right in your marriage ceremony? Dad who is sleeping with your wife right in your marriage ceremony? or your best friend who is sleeping with your wife in your marriage ceremony? who will you save?

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  1. I will kill the father coz he is not suppose to interfare with the son’s wife.

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