How i Manage to Stop My Computer/Laptop From Deleting All My Files When It Restart

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I have been having bad time all the days i have been using my computer, i bought it last three months and over the months i have lost important files worth more than the laptop. Sometimes it gets me into doing double work which i have to type again and again any time i could complete a project and post it before my laptop goes off. Believe me, it’s is not a good experience at all so i have always be on a search how to have this problem resolve.

laptop deleting all files when it restart

How i Stop My Laptop/Computer From Deleting All My Files When It Restart

Anytime i restart my laptop i will discover that all the files and installation that i have done on the laptop have all been deleted. The worst thing is that i couldn’t prevent the system from going off. it keep happening, and what do i have to do? i stop putting data, files and important installation on the laptop, till recently when i decided to search for the solution and why my laptop computer delete all files and data’s anytime the computer restart. On my search i came across a forum that someone gave the reason, so on my own i went and find out how i can solve the problem.

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At then i couldn’t take the laptop back to where i bought it since i didn’t buy new, i bought it as a fairly used laptop. No need of going into much details. My reason for this post is to show you guys how i manage to resolve the issue without undergoing heavy stress of so. I did it myself and it was not difficult at all, it just a matter of 3 minutes.

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For you to be on this post, i know you must be undergoing same issues, as i mention above it’s not a funny experience and i understand how serious you are in need of this solution so i wouldn’t want to take much of your time, let’s get serious now.

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Before we start there are two major reason why this happen to laptops or any kind of computer

Reasons for laptop deleting all files when it’s restarted

  1.  The current user account is corrupted
  2. There is an application installed that refresh the computer back to it fresh installation when ever the computer go through restart, most cyber-cafe uses this kind of application to always refresh the computer due to many individual usage. Some other cause of this problem could be virus attacking your computer.

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How To Stop Your Laptop From Deleting All Your Files When Restarted

There are three ways to resolve this issue completely that I’m aware of and they all work perfectly in solving this problem.

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1. Go to the start menu and click Control Panel

2. Under “User Account and Family Safety” click “Add or Remove User Account

computer control panel add or remove user accounts

3. When you arrive at your computer user accounts panel, you need to create new user account. Click on the “Create a New Account” button and then enter the user name such as your name.

create new user account on your windows computer


4. Make the new user account you are creating an administrator account just by ticking the round circle there just like the photo below.

create new account on your computer and make it administrator

5. Click “Create Account

When an account is created successfully you should be able to see all your account name on the accounts panel. Now that we have created new account we have to delete the current corrupted account for good.

6. To delete the current corrupted account press “Control + L” to logout the current account. When you are logout then click “Swift User” and select the new account you just created and login to it.

On the new account you will see everything fresh there, there is nothing in that account since it’s a new account. On this fresh account things will be done the normal way and your files will not delete even if you restart your computer, you can run a test by putting some files and it and then restart it to confirm it ok now. Before before you relax you need to delete the previous bad account from your computer, so follow the step below to do that.

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7. Go back to the start menu and then click “Add or Remove User Account

8. You will see all the current active accounts on your computer, double-click on the corrupted account and on the left side of the page you will see “delete the account” close to the down. Click the delete button and confirm you are sure you want to delete the account and that all.

With this you are free from the trouble of loosing all your files whenever you computer restarts. If this process didn’t solve your own problem then there is two more ways.

Check your computer installed application and restart your computer then save some more files this time and then turn off and turn on your computer to see if it solve the problem. If the problem persist then you need to format your computer completely by installation new Windows OS on it. If you can’t complete the task yourself then you can take it to software engineer to help you format your computer and install new OS on it.

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