Google Adsense: Why Delay in Approving My Request?

How Long Does It Take Google Adsense  To Review & Approve Request? Why google Adsense delaying Reviewing & approving my request?How long does it take google adsense to review and approve my blog or website ?

I have submitted a request for google adsense over days now but still i
haven’t receive email from google adsense regarding to if they accepted my
request or not.I would want to know how long it takes google adsense to approve request and start showing add on my website.

why is google adsense delaying approving my request

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If this is your question then read the answer below.

Aha this has been the basic questions of many bloggers while in a hurry, they want to know why they haven’t receive a confirmation mail from google. why is their review is taking much time, will google still reply or they should reapply to google adsense since they are not receiving any email from google for quite a while now?

My advance to you is to be calm, google will surely email you no mater how long they take to review your blog. Don’t make a mistake of reapplying for google adsense with that same blog or you will end up not been able to use google on that blog again. Read below why google haven’t replied to you and why your review is taking much time to be approve.

Google adsense is been use worldwide. 85% of blogs uses google adsense
as their medium of earning from their hard working. It now that
almost every body that is going into blog have intention of
monetizing their blogs with google adsense. This is the main reason
google adsense has takes longer time to reply to submission.
Thousands of blogs are been submited daily for google adsense. It hurt
that some of this blogs doesn’t pass the policies of google. There for
google need to review them individually in other weed out the wrong blogs and websites.

google adsense is the biggest publishing company that gives bloggers access of making money on their blog by placing it advert on their blog/website.

Over the years google adsense has grown very popular and has become the main target source of blogger who wish to make money on their blog.

Though there are other publishing companies which also offer the same service that google adsense offer, google adsense still remains the best.

Reasons are google adsense is more trustworthy. There are so many others publishing company whome claims to be good as google adsense but almost all of them are pcs of craps. Google adsense credit your earnigs according to page views and click that it ads engage on your blog, but some others will not credit your earning even if you have 100 clicks they will not record it nor credit any thing or pay you any thing for advertising on your blog.

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Other reasons are

  • Google adsense pay from 27-30th of every month
  • Google adsense ads will never be distructive to your visitors like other ads companies ads will
  • Google adsense has more attractive ads.

All these has made google adsense the best for now, and the target of almost every blogger.

Thousands of blogs are been submitted to google adsense daily. In the protection of google advertisers, google has made it rule clear to bloggers who wish to earn through Google adsense stating what should be done and what must be done.

Google has notice that it not all of the blogs that are been submitted meet their policies, so google decided to be doing review on every blog submitted for google adsense individually before approving a blog to their platform. this is to say before your blog start showing google ads it must be manually reviewed to make sure it meet the google adsense policy.

The process of google reviewing thousands of blogs that are been submitted for google adsense every day manually makes the process of getting respond from google delay but definitely not for ever.

After submitting your blog for google adsense you will have to wait for 24 hours to get the first respond from google. On google first respond you will be requested to go to your google adsense account and post their ads code to your blog so they can manually review your blog.

The review process do takes a lot of time probably 1 week or more.
So if you are in panic on why google adsense haven’t replied approve the ads place on your site, you definitely have to calm down. google adsense are reviewing every single article on your blog and the will get back to you soon the review process is done, informing you if your blog is accepted or not.

What Should i Do While Waiting For Google Adsense To Review My Blog

Wow!!! i call this stage the big stage, do you know why? The stage of google review is the big stage which determine your luck. These stage is when you expecting good news and bad news, the heart breaking part and the joyful part. We know it not easy to be accepted to google adsense which is passing through their massive policies.

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Now tell me after all the stress you gone through to register google adsense, placing their ads codes on your blog, the big expectation of start making money on your blog soon after the review.

How will you feel just to wake up and finally saw google mail on your email just for you to open it and see their your blog is been uhmmm let me reserve that part, so tell which news would you go for? i guess you want a good news, right? hehehe.

Even me i like good news. So you don’t have to just seat while waiting for google adsense to review your blog, you need to still be working on your website. Keep posting relevant contents, make sure your blog is simple and easy to navigate.

Remove any adult photos you have on your blog, make sure you are not having traffic from just one source, because if your traffic is coming from one source going to one particular article then google adsense will think you are buying traffic to blog which is against the google adsense policy.

Make sure you remove every bad video from you blog, make sure you don’t have sensitive information on your blog such as revealing people private sensitive information’s such as house addresses, business phone numbers of others etc, also try avoiding copyrighted contents and images.

What Do I Do If Google Adsense Reject My Application?

If google rejected your application then you con’t have to be too worried or sad. As much as i can remember you still have so many chance to apply for google adsense again. The reasons why google adsense could have refuse you joining their adsense platform at the first place is because your blog didn’t meet with the google adsense polices.

What you should do is to amend the area of your blog that doesn’t meet with google policy and resubmit your blog to google for the second time. At this time go through you blog carefully and make sure every bit of your blog contents meet with google policies.

Can I Use Other Adsense Including With Google Adsense on My Blog?
If this is your question then you need to read this
Bottom Line: Before applying for google adsense i will personally advice that you grow your blog to be having traffic from search engines and not just from social medias. Why do i say this? I am currently talking from experience, over this years it has come to my notice that google adsense doesn’t take small earning blog or website serious as they have a lot of big fish which blogs make millions of dollars monthly at there. So if you will want google to take your blog or website serious then you need to work very hard on your blog or website before going for google ads.

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You might be surprise why i have to include this, but i tell you this is the most helpful part of this article. When google adsense approve your blog they didn’t measurement due to traffic but by it contents. Even as your blog has been approve for google adsense it doesn’t mean you will start earning money or there is nothing to worried about. The fact is that soon as your blog or website is been approve for google adsense, then is when your worries began.

There a lot you need to do if you want to enjoy google ads money. In this case if your blog is not earning as google adsense thought then google adsense will be disappointed at you and kick your ass off their platform. This is the most heart breaking part that has left many bloggers frustrated off their blog, because you won’t be allowed to use google adsense on that blog any more, it doesn’t mater what you do. The hurt side of this is that google will not pay you the money your blog made on that period, this means google adsense doesn’t not pay their publishers their earnings when they banned them off.

Can you see how hurtful it is? so you have to make sure you follow the all i am going to list bellow now in other to remain on google adsense

  • Avoid google copyright content
  • Avoid adult contents and photos
  • Avoid posting sensitive information
  • Avoid Clicking ads on your websites or blog
  • Try all means to get spammers off your blog or website that causes unnecessary page views
  • Avoid buying traffic to your blog
  • Try to create unique content that will drive traffic from google search to your blog

Check out how to get google adsense approval faster and mistakes to avoid while on google adsense and when applying.


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