How to locate Guinness company in Ikeja Lagos

On this article you will be able get direction on how to get to Guinness company ikeja. The Guinness company in Ikeja is located at No 24 Oba Akran Ikeja Lagos State. following the step below you will be able to locate Guinness company in Ikeja Lagos.

How to locate Guinness company in Ikeja Lagos

How to locate Guinness office in Ikeja


Step 1: Enter bus from your location to ikeja under bridge, if there is no direct bus going to ikeja from your location then you should ask how you can get to ikeja, and in case the bus you enter to ikeja happened not to drop you in under bridge which often happen then you can have some walk to the under bridge. If you can’t find your way to the under bridge then i will advice you ask anybody around where are to point under bridge for you.

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Step 2. When you get to ikeja under bridge enter bus going to Agege and drop at Guinness bus stop.

Step 3. When you are been drop in Guinness bus stop you will see Zenith bank across, and ‘GTbank’ in front of you. seeing this two banks means you are at the right place, all you should do is walk towards GTbank till you see the Guinness company and it logo across at the front.

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If you are coming from Agege, then enter bus going to Ikeja under bidge and drop at Guinness bus stop.

If you are coming from Ogba, enter kekenape (marua) or bus going to Ikeja under bidge and drop at Guinness bus stop.

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If you are coming a far distance then find your way to either Ikeja, Agege or Ogba, then follow the step above.


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Note: you should be aware that Guinness occupy the both side of the road, both of them are Guinness companies so you should know the right one you are heading to.

From Ikeja under bridge to Guinness company in ikeja is #100 Naira.


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