When Last did you Visit Hospital to Show Kindness

When last have you been ill? When last did you visit the hospital to show those that are ill kindness/love?

Sick person in hospital

When Last did you Visit Hospital to Show Kindness

When I mention things like this it will seem to some people that i’m talking to the rich people alone. ┬áThe fact included you sparing no one both the poor and the rich. Since you are healthy you definitely have a role to play at the hospital.

Some of you only visit the hospital only when you are ill or have something to discuss with the doctor about your health or related to your family’s health, which is very wrong. At health conditions point one might required blood, I have seen a rich man in General hospital saying “Please do any thing to save my wife, give her any amount of blood she needed I will pay any amount“. My question here is that’ if someone didn’t donate that blood elie on, where will he get the blood to be used on his wife? Some people still fail to realise that money is not everything.

Someone may ask, how can a poor man assist a sick person? If this is your question then heat this.

  1. A poor person can donate blood that can save the rich and poor (if only you know how important blood is to human).
  2. A poor person can assist the sick with prayer, helping them to pray.
  3. A poor person can encourage the sick person and give them reasons hope for life.
  4. The poor persob can help the sick person run arrands (in General hospital the patients buy everything used on them, some of this patient have the money but have no one to help them run the buying errands). I can still go on and on.

So are you still asking of the things poor person can do to help the sick?

If you are a rich and comfortable type and you are not visiting the hospital to show kindness, then you are not doing the right thing at all. Now consider how life is important to you, how comfortable will you be if your child or dearest one is ill and in serious conditions? This is how other loves their people as well. Together we can assist the sick ones financially and physically.

Some people are dying not because they couldn’t have made it out but there is no finance to support their health condition. Doctors and hospitals are much more wicked these days due to the economy situation, withdrawing the act of assisting sick patients without at least a deposit.

My immediate visit to hospital these days opened my eyes towards what some people are going through when some others are in their car, home and office, I tell you some are in the hospital battling for life.

As my mum always say, saving a life is worth more than building a house for someone. The house will be useless when there is no one to stay on it.

It’s wrong to consider yourself alone or live a life of helping our love ones alone, some how someday you too will be ill and you don’t know who may help you.

This is a time to wake up and do the rightfully things, help each other as God wanted us to be. Matthew 25:43 I was a stranger and you did not invite me in, I needed clothes and you did not clothe me, I was sick and in prison and you did not look after me.’

We are all human with flesh and blood, let’s treat each other as one. ┬áVisit hospitals to donate blood for free to help those that are in need of it. Help the helpless to get treatment. I tell you God will reward you greatly and will never let what will hurt you befall you.

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