How to Travel from Lagos To Kano: Complete Guide and Travel Cost

Kano is the capital of the state of Kano. The location is at the geographic region of Sahara and this is at the southern part of Sahara. The city is also the second biggest city in the country and also the commercial centre of Northern Nigeria.

Demographics Of Kano

The metropolis of this city stretches across up to 137 square kilometres and this is about 53 square miles. The city of Kano comprises of up to 6 local government municipal regions and they are Nassarawa, Tarauni, Gwale, Dala, Fagge and Kano Municipal.

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Nevertheless, there is extra local governments and they are Kumbotso and Ungogo. The sum of the geographical area of the city of Kano is up to 499 square kilometres and this is about 193 square miles. The population of the city is about 2,828,861 and this is from the 2006 census in Nigeria.

A Glance At Kano History

The Dala Hill was a hunting site in the 7th century and there was assembling of a community of iron workers. The older name of Kano is Dala and there was reference to this in the 15 century and in the beginning of the 16th century.

The chronicles of Kano speaks of one priest with the name of Barbashe as the first settlers. Kano settlers trace their origin to Barbu. Then in the 12th century Ali Yaji who was the king of Kano became a Muslim and after this a proclamation of the Sultanate.

Other Monarchies Of Kano

The next king was Muhammad Rumfa and the city became more Islamic. The next was the the coming of Fulani and colonialism and now the Kano of Nigeria today.

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What Transport Companies Can Take You To Kano?

The transport companies below operate in many states in Nigeria. However the article will list where you can get them in Lagos and also know that Lagos is not their only place of operation.

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Chisco Limited

Their Lagos address is at 104 Funsho Williams Avenue, Iponri, Lagos. There phone number is 07087287400 and 08089273799. They have a website and their website is Their email is

Cross Country Transport Limited

Their address is at 112 Egbeda in Lagos and their phone number is 07060418477 and 08067024455. Their email is

God Is Good Motors Limited

Their Lagos address is at Yaba Central Park, Yaba, Lagos. Their phone and email are 08056898614 and respectively.

What Is The Cost Of The Journey To Kano?

The ticket of this bus costs between N5000 and N8000. There is increase in prices and this is as the year comes to an end. The cause of this is because of the festival season.

How Do You Pack For This Journey To Kano?

The choice of your vehicle tends to be 14 seated bus and they don’t normally have much space for luggages. However if you have much luggage you may simply send a courier.

Doing Your Eating

There are many categories of snacks that you can take and places for you to visit.

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Tips For Traveling From Lagos To Kano

  • Leave on time for your Kano journey: This journey is a long distance journey and it is preferable to go with first bus. This is because this tends to promote the chances of reaching your destination on time. Also when you to get to the park early, you get the first bus.
  • Make Yourself Comfortable: Technology offers many entertainment. You can rock your music with your phone as the journey is going on. Charge your device or if you are the reading type, get some interesting novels for the journey. If you are fond of writing, then you can ride on with it as the journey goes on.
  • Snacks: You have to pack snacks of different kinds for this long journey. Snacks with fruits and cereals etc can serve depending on your choice. However consider what you take to reduce visits to the bathroom.
  • Toiletries: There is no toilet in the bus for this long journey. Do your toileting at home before coming to avoid discomfort. However you may come with tissues, sanitizers and toilet rolls. Random stops may involve people easing themselves.
  • Sleeping
  • Everyone is not able to sleep in a moving bus but if this is your thing, then get the preparations. Ear muffs, travel pillows, rolled sweater or shirt can serve.

Having The Fun In Kano

Kano have many places where you can visit and catch some fun.

What Places Can You Visit In Kano?

  • Kurmi Market: This market is the oldest market in Nigeria and is among the oldest in Africa. There is much crowd in this market and this is because many people prefer buying from this market.
  • This market was once famous for Trans-Saharan commerce. The market is expansive. There are alleys for the navigation of visitors before getting to their destination. Brass works, pottery, leather goods, calabashes and other products are available.
  • Kano Central Mosque: You will like the beautiful, architectural and structural edifice of this mosque. This mosque came into existence in the 15th century. It’s beautiful designs make it a place of tourism and Moslems crowd there mostly.
  • Kano Dyeing Pit: If you are touring for fashion, then this pit can serve that purpose. The producers try to make designs and there is selling of this designs.
  • Coming here can make you know how dyeing operates and you can purchase fabrics. There is affordability of these fabrics comparing to other markets.
  • Rock/Riga Dam Castle: This dam is now an outstanding structure and the location is outside Kano. The nature of the ambiance attracts more tourists. Fishing and use of boat is applicable here. A structural edifice with the name of Rock Castle Hotel was built and this was for the accommodation of Queen Elizabeth. You can also come here for fishing and other tourist activities.
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This article deals on traveling to Kano from Lagos. It also explains the city as a place of tourism. For any questions on making a journey from Lagos to Kano, our comment box is available. This is how you can travel from Lagos to Kano easily.

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