How to Turn On Lenovo R61 Thinkpad keyboard Light

The Lenovo R61 laptop is one of the best laptop that has so many feature at affordable price, the R61 laptop has keyboard light that enable you to type freely in no mater the location you are. You can type even when you are in dark area, all you need to do is turn on the keyboard light.

Lenovo R61 Thinkpad keyboard light


On this article i want to show you how to turn on the Lenovo R61 keyboard Light. The reason of me writing this article is due to my own experience when i bought the laptop without manual it was really a tuff time for me trying to turn the keyboard light on but i later got it, i though as much that someone else at there might be finding it difficult to turn his/her r61 lenovo thinkpad keyboard light on, that is why i decide writing this article to help other out.

how to Turn On Lenovo R61 Thinkpad keyboard light

To turn On Lenovo r61 keyboard light, Press down fn + pgup on your keyboard, the light will show up immediately.


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The fn and pgup are in your laptop keyboard just check your keyboard for those two button and first hold down the fn and press pgup

This is how to turn Lenovo R61 Thinkpad keyboard light on, if this tip didn’t work for you that means your laptop has fault and need a repair.

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