How to Start Egg Production Farming in Nigeria

Egg production farming in nigeria

Welcome to informationhood. Today we will be discussing how to start egg production in Nigeria. Starting an egg production in Nigeria, you must have a good orientation of what poultry is and how it operates. Before going deep into Egg production, it is right to know that the production of eggs originates from hen, rearing of hen is known as poultry farming.

How to Start Egg Production Farming in Nigeria

Egg production farming in nigeria

In Nigeria, poultry farming is one of the most lucrative business you could set up and operate easily in Nigeria, it is an aspect of livestock farming that has been lucrative and productive over the years for entrepreneurs. All this is made possible due to the quick growth of the chicken. Layer chickens are special species of hen, which is raised from a day old and starts laying commercially at the age of eighteen to nineteen-weeks old and they continue performing well for about 72-78 week of age before they drop, each bird lay one egg per day and eat much depending on the hen’s reproductive system, instead of laying two eggs, they produce double yoke and that’s really rare.

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Some days the hen might not lay meaning its undergoing a formation in its reproductive system. The reproductive system of the hen starts forming a new egg after it has laid a previous egg and it takes about 26 hours to form an egg fully, definitely a hen lays about two eggs late each day depending to the reproductive system.

A flock of hen at the age of 18 to 19 weeks do not start laying on the same day, the same period or the same month, this implies that it varies from one hen to another. Also, the egg level of production does not increase yearly but the size of the egg increases and the mode of their feeding increasing daily.

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According to human, we are all different and we discern what is best for commercial purpose, the same is applicable to layer hen, knowing the types of hen and their suitability for commercial purposes, the nature and color of egg varies; below are two types of layer hen:

Brown Egg Laying Hens

This set of hens are usually large in size, they consume more food and produce bigger eggs. The eggs are usually brown in color, the brown egg laying hens are in varieties such as; the Isa Brown, Lehman Brown, Hi Sex Brown, Hi Line Brown and many more. These special kinds of birds are suitable for commercial layer.

White Egg Laying Hens

This species of hen is comparatively smaller in nature, they consume less food and the color of the egg shell is white in nature. The white laying hens comes in varieties; Isa White, Lehman White, Harvard White and many more that are really suitable for commercial layer.

Common breeds of hen commonly found in Nigeria, are Isa Brown, Arbor Acres, Marshall Ross White Cockerels and Black Cockerels, it is important to ask for the kinds of birds you are buying at the hatchery and also how well they produce.

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Aside getting a good orientation about the laying hens and their breeds, you need to have a good reputation for the egg production, below are some steps to building a bigger Egg production business:

Get a Good Location

Getting a good location and a good housing system, your business is very essential for rearing layers, their breeding and effective management. As a starter you may not want to invest in buying lands at urban areas due to health implications on the residents. Battery cage and deep-liter system are the best housing systems for laying birds because of its ventilation, comfortability, stability and serenity it gives them.

Have your Capital

Since you have location for your birds, set up your capital and write out your budget and expenses for your poultry. The more you plan big the more investment you require, so you need to decide how much you are willing to commit you’re your business.

Get a day-old Chicks

Get a good Hatchery where you can get healthy chicks to start with and if you are getting it from a wholesaler be sure he or she is getting the chicks from a good Hatchery.

Good Feed

You could buy feed from the market or get an expert to write out a good feed formula that will be nourishing for your birds at Feed Mill Factory. Ensure whatever feed you are getting is enriched with protein and mineral which is very vital for laying birds. You could give them calcium two weeks after birth, feed them with starter feed for about six to eight weeks and give them layers mash from eight weeks old till they are eighteen weeks old, serve them twice or more a day, the more you feed them, the earlier they lay eggs for you. When they start laying do not reduce your food timings instead reduce the quantity of food to avoid too much fat in them.

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Appropriate water should be ensured

Ensure you give them water always, the more they grow, the water they take. Except on special cases which is when giving vaccines to the birds and immediately after the vaccines, ensure you give plenty of water because it aids in the yolk formation.

To make your birds disease resistance from a day-old, you need to give them vaccines because they are laying and you want them to be healthy always. Administration of vaccines helps to keep them free from infections and reduce mortality in the poultry. If any ill birds is noticed, separate and administer vaccines to the bird separately to avoid infection of disease to other birds.

Having done all of this you are good to starting an egg production business in Nigeria. Anyone can start this business, it doesn’t matter your educational status or financial status but the little you start with will always become big, the bigger you grow in this line of business. The most important you’re your passion for your business and plans to make it grow big.

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