How To Start An Importation Enterprise In Nigeria

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Importation enterprise Business in Nigeria

If you are interested in starting importation enterprise in Nigeria. Then this article is for you. Many markets in Nigeria utilise imported goods. These goods range from electronics and many other consumer goods. Nigerians consume them on a daily basis. Nigeria is a nation that needs many products and services. Even if though it happens that the Nigerian local market is in constant development, the country still does heavy importation. Nigeria is a nation of up to 186 million people.

The population is divided into rural and urban. There is a potential profit with the importation enterprise in Nigeria. There is a particular list of items that can be imported into Nigeria. The list of imported goods in Nigeria is available at the government departments in charge. Note that there are items that cannot be imported within the country. These items are part of the Nigeria Import Prohibition List.

This article will give you a guide on how you can import tablets, kitchen utensils, computer tables, office equipment, clothes, bags, electronic sets at an affordable price. The following steps shows how to start an importation enterprise in Nigeria.

Steps To Start An Importation Enterprise In Nigeria

Importation enterprise Business in Nigeria

1. Create a market for your area of interest

To become an intended importer, a particular type of product may be your expertise product. Have in mind that you will be selling majority of the things you are going to import. You have to find a way of selling your products.

You will also have to know the process of motivating people for the goods you are going to import. Are you interested in importing computers and mobile phones? Do you know the target audience for the products? Make sure that you answer those questions before proceeding to the next stage.

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2Internet banking

If you have not yet opened a domiciliary account which is very rare in the 21st century, you have do one. This will help you to purchase things online and then sell them them to people who are among interested using huge discounts that will motivate them to demand more products.

When you are done with opening your bank account, you then activate it to the Internet in such a way that Internet banking can be done. Certain transactions will be necessary for you to have a transaction token for an extra transaction online. You will have to ask for them. As someone who is interested in starting an importation enterprise in Nigeria, you should have an account that is functional and connected to the Internet. You can proceed to the next step if you have done this.

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3Find Foreign Shop Online And Open An Account

EBay and Amazon are samples of merchant sites that you can make use of. You have to know their prices and some of them are close to the prices of the Nigerian market. Go to Amazon and open an account with them but before doing this, make sure that your email address is active.

Make sure that you have your name inserted properly and this name should be used for your bank account. This particular detail is necessary for the banks to to transact connecting with online malls. Take note that banks in Nigeria will not respond to these firms if there are differences between the spellings that you utilised in opening your account and the name used for creating an account with the online mall website. Do this and this will make you eligible for next steps.

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4Place your first order

Go to the Amazon website and check prices after which you convert them to the local currency. Get the price of such goods online and then go down to the streets where your location is and then find out how the goods can sell. You will notice something.

Go to the website and go to the wholesale option and then do the adding to cart if you intend to purchase many things. After this you will now make your payments. This stage is very necessary in starting importation enterprise in Nigeria. You should have created a market for those things you are going to sell and you are going to sell them at those markets.

5. Pay for the goods that you intend to import

This step is necessary for the importation enterprise to kick off. There are actually no hidden charges. You pay for what you see. You will be required to decide the card that you are going to use for the payment. Make sure that you pay using the means that you are conversant with, perhaps using your domiciliary account ATM like GT Bank, Zenith Bank, First Bank, naira MasterCard and the card from Diamond Bank known as Diamond Visa Bank etc.

Amazon have their products delivered to Nigeria and payment for this include charges for delivery. Take note that there are no charges that are hidden and there terms and conditions is applicable. Make sure that you are paying at the right platform otherwise this means that you are making use of your card details on a scam website.

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6. Receiving your order

You will now take delivery of your order that you made and confirmed that all other things are in good shape. If you happen to notice that there are damaged commodities, some firms have a system that let’s you return it and then get back your money. It is necessary to go to the private policy and FAQ tabs of the merchant site so as to know how the firm operates before having your payments made after which you place the order.

Make sure that the zip codes of the states in Nigeria where you stay is where the goods and services are to be delivered. This will help in delivering appropriately to the choice of your address. You will have to give the correct information in order to make sure that you do not have your goods missing. Some goods also enjoy free delivery from the Amazon website to the country of Nigeria. Other commodities will require a delivery fee.


This article is about starting an importation enterprise in Nigeria. If you are interested in enterprises, you will have to check out this article. You may decide to import and sell at your own profit. You may also sell at your own profit. You may also buy other commodities like electronics, flash drive and other appliances at better rates. Another aspect of the websites above is that there is an option to return the goods and receive back your money if the products are damaged. However, don’t just be limited to websites here but also check out other sites. You can ask questions using our comment box.

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