How To Start A Cotton Production Enterprise In Nigeria

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How to start cotton enterprise in nigeria

Cotton happens to be among the cash crops in the country of Nigeria. It’s relevance have increased over the years with many profits attained by farmers. Even though there has been much improvement, there is still need to supply more cotton. The need for cotton production is rising in Nigeria and the government should put all hands on deck. The cotton production states in Nigeria are Kano, Zamfara, Kaduna, Sokoto, Kastina, Oyo, Ondo, Ogun and Kebbi.

Steps To Start A Cotton Enterprise In Nigeria

How to start cotton production enterprise in nigeria

These states are among the major producers. They are the states that do cotton processing in Nigeria. There is much potential in this industry. There are varieties of cotton in Nigeria. Farmers are encouraged to utilise these opportunities.

Uses Of Cotton

Many people know cotton to be a raw material that is utilised for garments and textile. Many consumer goods are composed of cotton. These are made up of coffee filters, used for making fish nets, papers for archives and binding books. Other ways of using this include the oil deposit extraction from cotton seeds. The oil can be eaten and used for manufacturing, pharmaceutical goods, soap, cosmetics, margarine etc. There is also available fiber content. The seeds of cotton are utilised in forming animal feeds for cattle. Their are many things you can do with cotton. However the most important thing is that you are going to make use of it.

The Effect Of The Cotton Industry In The Nigerian Economy

The value of the produce is diverse since it reaches a wider audience. The value system in producing cotton employs both rural and urban population. The Federal Agency for the manufacture of cotton in Nigeria is the Cotton Development Committee. They are the ones that manage the cotton sector of the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian textile industry has seen much decline in previous years. This have caused many textile mills to be closed. However policy makers in Nigeria are renewing the manufacture of cotton in Nigeria.

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Facilities Needed For Cotton Farming

Cotton farming have some requirements. The most popular important among them is land. This consumes much of expenses. It is necessary to have much farmland for this farming to take place. This is relatively associated with commercial farming. If you are going to make use of manual labour, the size of the land is smaller when you compare it to mechanised farming. Another thing that is required include fertilizer, good seedlings and pesticides for plant treatment. There are basic and necessary items that you will need for the cultivation of cotton.

The Process Of Cotton Farming

This process begins with the cultivation of your farmland. You will not need a very good farmland. This is due to the fact that cotton tolerates soils. The best soil for cotton farming is silt loam. The PH of the soil should be up to 5.5. You will have to make ridges and the seeds are then planted on them. Due to the fact that cotton grows and becomes shrubs, you will need to space them properly. The growth of the plant is up to a metre tall. Use a space of up to 38 to 40 inch. You can make use of ridges that are more narrow with the proper management of the space. You can then make use of 3 seeds which ought to be planted for each hole with an inch debt.

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Use a 4 inch for the space between the holes. After a week or two, the crops sprouts. Good rainfall is also required. There is the blossoming of the plants into shrubs. Pink colored flowers and cream come out gradually. Pollination brings the fruit. The cotton bolls or fruits that open will have the cotton produced. You will need to do your weeding before then. Make sure that the plants are given better growing conditions. There is need for pests to be controlled during this time. This reduces losses.

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The Formation And Harvesting Of Cotton

The fruits that comes out after the flowers are split open exposes the cotton. This makes them ready to be harvested after the plant bolls are opened. You then let the cotton fibre to dry. This leads to a kind of texture.

Next you do the picking by gathering them into bales. It is then sent into the cotton ginnery in order to do the separation. The lint is separated from that very seeds harvested. Packing and collection is done and this is made ready for cotton spinning or textile.

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Cost Of Cotton Farming

Cost of implications determine profit margins. The cost comes from chemicals, fertilizer, seedlings. The largest required capital is land.
Majority of your expenses are in this land. Lands depending on the location range between N600000 and N5000000 for each plot. The cost of cotton cultivation on a land is made up of these: seedlings N5000, labour N50000, agrochemicals N20000, implements and tools N20000, fertilizer at N3000. When you sum it up you get N125000. However this is dependent on the rate of exchange.

Profit Capacity Of Cotton Farming

The yield for a hectare of land is 2 to 4 tonnes in average. When you convert this to cash, a ton is between N165000 and N180000. Multiplying using N180000 benchmark with total yield, you get N360000 to N720000. There is a great profit potential of cotton where you compare it to the cost of production.

Farm Mechanisation

If you do not want to use manual labour for this, then you will have to pay for tractors and combined harvesters while you check the cost effects in your production. However mechanised farming is not yet very common in Nigeria. Mechanised farming have negative and positive effects. It reduces the number of hands involved in a project which have some effects on the economy. This however is a faster way of farming.


This article shows you how to start a cotton farming enterprise in Nigeria. Give it a try if you think you will do it. Feel free to ask any questions using our comment box.

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