How to Get to Oshodi Lagos State – Easy Guide Here

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So many of us doesn’t have idea how we can find our way to Oshodi Lagos state. As you already known, Lagos is one of the biggest city in Nigeria as well are the most populated city in Nigeria and Africa. There many any cities inside Lagos and going through all could be some kind of stress. On this post I want to share with you how you can find you way to Oshodi easily from any location you are in Lagos state or Aside Lagos. There many any cities inside Lagos and going through all could be some kind of stress. On this post I want to share with you how you can find you way to Oshodi easily from any location you are in Lagos state or Aside Lagos.

How to get Oshodi

Oshodi in Lagos state is a central of Lagos where is located in center of Lagos State. Through Oshodi you can get to many locations in Lagos. Oshodi market were known as one of the biggest market in Lagos state. Nigerian Army Shopping Arena is another popular place in Oshodi that people visit every day.

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This post is to help those who are new to Oshodi to find their way to Oshodi. It will be good to include that you can pass through Oshodi to Mushing, Ikeja, Iyana Ipaja, Mile 2, Lekki, Vi etc. This is why Oshodi is a central location of Lagos State.

Follow below steps to locate Oshodi

You journey depends on your current location or where you intend to locate Oshodi from.

Mile 2 to Oshodi

From your house or current location go to Mile 2 express and get box going to Oshodi or Ojota and drop by Oshodi. When you drop, find your way to where you are going in Oshodi.

Ikeja to Oshodi

Ikeja to Oshodi is easy, just go to Ikeja Along and get a bus to Oshodi. It’s very easy, you can as well ask questions if you needed to.

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Mushing to Oshodi

Mushing to Oshodi is as well very easy, all you have to do is go to Mushing bus stop and get a bus to Oshodi.

Iyana Ipaja to Oshodi

From Iyana Ipaja you can get direct bus to Oshodi easily.

Egbeda to Oshodi

You will get straight danfo vehicle from Egbeda express bus stop way to Oshodi.

Sango Otta

From Sango otta you will find straight bus going to Oshodi. Just find your way to Sango express under the bridge or little more after and wait for Danfo vehicle going to Oshodi.

Agege to Oshodi

From Agege to Oshodi is the most easiest journey so far. There are Lot’s of ways to get to Oshodi from Agege, you may decide to go straight from Agege bus stop towards ikeja along or go through Ikeja ways. Straight movement from Agege to Oshodi is more easier, all you need to do is find your way to Agege bus stop closer to Agege bus market and get bus to Oshodi there. You may as well get BRT from Agege to Oshodi, it cheaper. Agege is really huge and could be confusing, i mean the place to enter bus to Oshodi, if you can’t fins it yourself then I you may ask someone when you gets to market.

Ogba to Oshodi

From Ogba to Oshodi is also easy but there is no straight bus. You can either go through Ikeja or through Agege. If you are going through Ikeja, first get to Ogba bus stop and get Danfo bus to Ikeja. When you get to Ikeja, find your way to Ikeja along there is where you will find vehicle going to Oshodi.

Berger to OShodi

To locate Oshodi from Berger, you have to get a danfo bus to Ikeja, walk down to Ikeja along, if you don’t know there then ask someone to direct you. At Ikeja Along you will find danfo buses going to Oshodi.

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Agbara to Oshodi

All you need to do is go to Agbara express and get danfo bus to Iyanoba, from Iyanoba get bust to Mile 2, from Mile 2 to Oshodi is a straight bus. You can as well get to Iyanoba and then get bus to Iyana Ipaja, From Iyana Ipaja to Oshodi is a straight bus and as well easy.

From Iyanoba to Oshodi

In order to locate oshodi from Iyanoba, you need to first get bus to Mile 2 and get Oshodi from mile 2 or you get a bus from Iyanoba Iyana Ipaja and then get bus from Iyana Ipaja to Oshodi.

From Ojota to Oshodi

From Ojota to Oshodi is easy and you can get a straight bus from Ojotoa express way. You can as well follow through Ikeja’s way were you need to take Danfo to Ikeja first and walk down to Oshodi along way then get danfo to Oshodi.

From Mowe, Ibafo to Oshodi

If you are in Mowe, you can get direct danfo bus from Mowe market straight to Oshodi, but you as well go through other way if there is no direct bus at the moment. You can get bus to Berger, from Berger, get another bus to Ikeja and from Ikeja walk down to Ikeja along and then get bus to Oshodi. Same applies to those at Ibafo and nearer locations. You just need to go to Ibafo express bus stop and get either Berger bus, from Ikaje walk down to Ikeja along and get danfo bus to Oshodi. For those who are not in Ibafo exactly but live closer, go to the express if you are not in Ibafo, wait bus goint to Berger, from Berger get bus to Ikeja, then walk down to Ikeja along, (If you don’t know there, then ask someone) get another bus to Oshodi.

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How to Travel to Oshodi from Outside Lagos

If you are outside Lagos state and you have a goal of travelling to Oshodi Lagos State, the thing to do is get a bus to Lagos and let them drop you at Berger, from Berger get a bus to Ikeja, walk to Ikeja along and get Bus to Oshodi Lagos.

You can as well get to Ojota and get to Ikeja then find your way to Ikeja along and take danfo to Oshodi.

For those coming from Agbara Area, first find your way to Iyanoba from there to Mile 2 or Iyana Ipaja then get Danfo to Oshodi.

If you are coming from VI, Lekki, Island etc. You need to first find your way to CMS, from there get straight BRT to Oshodi in front of UBA head branch. If don’t want to enter BRT, you will as well get Oshodi danfo bus from CMS bus stop.

Other Locations to Oshodi

Lagos is big and I can’t cover every location on this article, however for those on locations that we didn’t cover on  post, you can either locate any of the mentioned location and find your way to Oshodi, it’s easy with the help of asking question. You can as well use your map if you know how to.

Sorry this post didn’t include how you can drive to Oshodi, you may as well use the map below if you are driving.

Once again, this is how you can get to oshodi in Lagos state. My name remain Serome. Thanks for your time here. If you have any issue or question regarding how to locate Oshodi, then use the comment box below to add your question or anything related. See the price of transportation from the above mentioned location to Oshodi here.

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