GSM Village Abuja: Home of Mobile phones and gadgets

Abuja is known for its beautiful scenery and fantastic nightlife but the most important asset to the average Abuja resident is the Mobile Phone. Easiest place to find a mobile phone for Abuja residents? GSM Village Abuja.

gsm village abuja

The importance of mobile phones cannot be over emphasized. We use it virtually everyday. Calls, text, chat, credit and debit transactions, name it.. Almost everything. Thus, it is pertinent to find a suitable location for the buying and selling of mobile phones and gadgets. One of such places is GSM Village, Zone3 neighbourhood, Central Business District Abuja.

GSM Village Abuja

GSM Village offers you a robust market for sellers of all sorts of phones and phone accessories, alongside other services.There are computer engineers, software handlers and food sellers. All sorts of phones are repaired and put in good working conditions as a result of the technical knowledge and abilities of these mostly young people who are determined to breakthrough in a country with limited opportunities.

“ Abuja  residents visit the place to fix damaged phones, install  mobile applications,upgrade softwares and install exciting features on their phones,” a technician known as John,who works in the market said.


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It has been observed that the prices system at GSM village is very low when compared with the prices of buying and selling of mobile phones and accessories in areas like Efab Plaza, Banex plaza, Sherrif mall, Olive plaza e.t.c all in Wuse 2 axis of Abuja.

So, when next you are in Abuja and you want to buy a mobile phone at an affordable rate or sell your used phone, GSM village is your best bet for such transactions.

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