Free SMS in Nigeria: How to Send text message for Free

There is a lot to talk about in this issue, free sms in Nigeria. Would you really want to be sending free message? If yes, then how? Does it really work?. Too many question, let look on how we can send free sms in Nigeria.



How can one send free messages in Nigeria?

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The only way that have seen to send message free is some online tools, are these tools really work? Let see.

One of the tool people considered and have writing lot of article is and does these tools really work? to cut the long story short, lets try them. Now visit the one that claim to be the best  and put your details and proceed. Now try to send a message to your own number, did it work? hmmm.

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How about the other? give it a try also lets see if it work.

For me nothing work, and those tools seems to me that they are just spammers tools that are there to online collect people number, and the site owner will end up selling you number to spammers to be sending you spam marketing details. This is not really helpful in sending text message.

If you should search on google for free sms tools, there are hundreds of them you are going to see but all of them, no one works at all. I am sorry to disappoint you, but that is the simple truth so don’t go and give your numbers to spammers or giving you friend and family number to spammers to be receiving numerous message.

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If i should ask why would you want to send free message online? it not good at all. The cost of sms in Nigeria now is just #4 Naira, very cheap. If you are not having #4 naira in your phone why not try send please call me back sms which is totally for free? Learn how to send please call me back free sms in all Nigeria networks.

Aside please call me back sms which is totally for free, the only means of sending free message is whatsapp and 2go.

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Best Way To Send Free SMS In Nigeria

2go Free Mobile Messenger:
Whatsapp Free Messenger:

If you have the whatsapp app on you phone then you can easily message across to others if they are on whatsapp also.

2go is also could for sending message across to other people who are also on 2go.

Aside these two legal means, count me out. The truth is that you can’t send free sms on any of those tools you have or will come across online.

So many friend this is all i knew about sending free sms in Nigeria, have a lovely day/night, hugs.

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