Different Types of Farming Systems in Nigeria

Welcome to informationhood. On this post, we want to share with you different types of farming systems in Nigeria. For those thinking what kind of farming should i go into? This post will be of good directory to get started with you dream.

In Nigeria, there are different types of farming systems depending on the extent of farming practice. In this article, we will discuss the different farming systems in Nigeria.

The farming systems in Nigeria are discussed below


The crop rotation system is a farming system in Nigeria in which different types of crops are grown on a given piece of land during different planting seasons. When the yield of the land decreases, the farmer leaves the land for a period of time without planting.

The crop rotation system helps control erosion by strategically improving the stability of the soil. This cropping system increases productivity by reducing fallow periods. The crop rotation system reduces weed and pest infestation.

By growing the same type of crop on the same piece of land for several seasons in a row without interruption, the soil gradually loses some of its nutrients. It is safe to say that crop rotation improves soil structure and soil organic matter. It increases the organic carbon content of the soil by adding nutrients to the soil.

Crop rotation is also used to control pests and diseases that have taken root in the soil. This cropping system also reduces the amount of soil lost to erosion. It improves agricultural productivity by helping to increase agricultural yields through the abundant supply of nutrients to the soil.


Urban farming system is a farming system mainly practiced by farmers who are located in urban areas and cities. This means that people in urban areas do not necessarily rely on food from rural areas because the cultivation, processing, and distribution of food in said cities are done by farmers located there.

The urban agriculture system provides additional income to farmers who grow food for both commercial and subsistence purposes. Because farmers and their farms are located in urban areas, their products have a higher monetary value. Therefore, this farming system is more sustainable. It requires less space, as there is not much land in urban areas.

Psalm 121:7-8
"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good: His love endures forever."

The urban farming system also ensures food security and income generation in the country. This farming system saves time and energy that would otherwise be spent on transporting food from rural areas. It ensures that people in cities and towns have access to affordable, fresh and healthy agricultural produce at all times. It also allows them to learn about healthy eating and how to grow their food.


Irrigated agriculture provides water to agricultural land that does not have the water content needed for proper plant growth. This farming system improves soil fertility and promotes healthy plant growth.

Irrigation ensures that farmers have massive financial benefits as the crops they grow grow well and are well taken care of. The system of irrigated agriculture improves groundwater storage. This system ensures that crops grow even in seasons when there is not enough rainfall. It ensures that the moisture content of the soil is intact.

Irrigated agriculture promotes proper germination of seeds, helps plants absorb minerals from the soil, and promotes root growth of plants. One of the disadvantages of this farming system is that it can lead to waterlogging, which also hinders plant growth. This waterlogging can be remedied by proper drainage.


Mixed farming is a cropping system in which a single piece of land is used for different agricultural activities, such as combining cropping and livestock production. It is a common practice for livestock farmers. Livestock usually plow the land. The animals also provide manure with their dung, which promotes rapid crop growth.

The mixed farming system ensures that the land yields at all times. Agricultural activities are constantly taking place on the farm. Since the manure coming from the livestock fertilizes the land and thus increases the yield, the farmer makes a high profit due to the numerous agricultural activities.

Mixed farming ensures that operating costs are minimized as the animals feed on the crops. It also promotes the recycling of waste products, reducing emissions of harmful greenhouse gasses. It also reduces the risk of disease and pest outbreaks on the farm.

The mixed farming system provides farmers with the opportunity to receive money for the purchase of various agricultural machinery. It can be said that this type of agriculture drastically improves the farmer’s livelihood, as he is busy and productive throughout the year.


The tree crop system is an agricultural system that involves the cultivation of tree crops such as coffee, oil palm, cocoa, and rubber. These tree crops are mostly used as raw materials for the industry to manufacture products. In this farming system, food is also grown among the tree crops, mostly for consumption.

In addition to growing tree crops, livestock can also be raised. These animals can feed on the shrubs on the farm and also produce manure with their faeces, which improves soil fertility.


Root crop cultivation is a very high yielding cropping system in Nigeria. This particular cropping system is common in regions where drought is common. It ensures that the livelihood of farmers in such drought-prone areas is secured.

In this cropping system, the crops grown root deeply so that they can absorb their nutrients to increase their productivity. In regions where shallow-rooted crops would not do well due to the lack of nutrients in the soil, the deep-rooted crops work well.

It is well known that root crops such as potatoes, cassava, yams, and coconut palms play an important role in the Nigerian diet. Garri, fufu, lafun and the rest are obtained from root crops. Alcohol and beer are also obtained from root crops. These root crops also improve soil fertility.

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